Daily Archives: January 20, 2014

Happily ever after

¨It´s just as you knew it would be. And so, here you are, making deliberate decision to offer your vibration purposefully. And it is our absolute promise to you that you will live eternally happily ever after. Abraham, Portland, OR 7-13-02    

Derivate from Source

Any time you see someone as ‘less than’ you deviate from the Source within you. When you feel unworthy, when you proclaim yourself incapable or not good at something, when you put yourself down or someone else down, when you look the world and see its flaws or find worrisome things about it, the[…] Read More →

Nature starts playing with you

“Once you get the momentum going, you begin to notice the ramifications of momentum – what you like to call materialization, manifestation … we like to call it actualization, demonstration. The first thing that starts to happen is that you receive the manifestation of emotion, the next thing that happens[…] Read More →