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The Source within you loves your enemies

“We know physical Beings don’t like to hear it when we say, the Source within you loves your enemies, because you are so determined that you are justified in your not loving of them. But we want you to understand that when you are not loving someone that who-you-really-are is[…] Read More →


“The fact that the DESIRE exists within you means that, in large part, it has been accomplished” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach, 2/15/14

Don’t demand that promises be made that give you the security

“We don’t want you to ask for the security that comes from physical promises from physical humans. We want your security to come to you. We want your awareness of your security to be: you know how the Laws of the Universe work. You know how to focus. And you know[…] Read More →

Abraham Hicks, Day 2 Seminar SEDONA AZ quotes

“It is our promise to you that it is always getting eternally better than this” Abraham Hicks, Sedona, AZ, 03/16/14   *** “Money represents freedom, it doesn’t determine it” Abraham Hicks, Sedona, AZ, 03/16/14   *** “I now understand that the training that now matters is the training of my[…] Read More →

Abraham Hicks LiveStream Quotes from Sedona, AZ, 03/15/14

Thanks for Esmée La Fleur for all transcriptions of Sedona, AZ ”We wil never say something has gone wrong, you’re just not tending to your vibration”, Abraham Hicks, Sedona, AZ, 03/15/14 *** “Negative emotion is not a bad thing, it is a clarifying thing. Death is not a bad thing, it is[…] Read More →

You are not on your own

¨You are not on your own, You are NEVER on your own, You think you´re on your own, You´re NEVER on your own¨ Abraham Hicks, Orlando 1/11/14

Let it go

Hold on to your vision Q: When I set my intentions on something, how do I stay in the downstream with those intentions when others’ intentions appear to be attempting to destroy mine? A: For example? Q: There is a family legacy, a piece of property, that I am the[…] Read More →

When interacting with children…

“Relative to our children or any children with whom we would interact, our one dominant intention would be to give them a conscious understanding of how powerful and important and valuable and perfect they are. Every word that would come out of our mouths would be a word that would be[…] Read More →

It doesn't matter how much things cost

Guest: My next question is about the price of gas in the United States. It’s at its highest point historically, and I’m wondering what those of us who are Conscious Deliberate Creators and are on the Leading Edge can do to find the positive aspects in that, to feel good[…] Read More →

Focusing energy

Focus is interesting… When we talk about focus, we’re talking about focusing energy. And most people when they talk about focus are talking about focusing thought. When you focus for the point of feeling, the thought takes care of itself. Abraham Hicks, San Antonio, 4/23/05