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Let your own guidance show you the path

“You gotta let your own guidance show you the path of least resistance for you. Your path of least resistance always feels better to you. But the path of least resistance isn’t always what’s EASIEST. Because the path of least resistance is focused on the big picture, what’s easiest is[…] Read More →

You are not the creator of this planet

‘Do you know if you were to accurately depict the bad things that are going on on your planet, in relationship with the good things, and CNN or some other news channel were to make a commitment that they would give you a proportionate accounting of what’s going on, the[…] Read More →

Will I know next time I'm born?

WILL I KNOW NEXT TIME I’M BORN? Q: Thank you for everything. When you become aware of the interrelationship of the Nonphysical you and the physical you in your lifetime, will you have an automatic awareness of this interrelationship in succeeding lifetime? A: Well, from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, it[…] Read More →

The Universe is asking you for your SIGNAL

“Do you believe the desire you hold is a signal? Do you believe the Universe is responding to that signal? Feel the freshness and purity of that! It’s just ME and MY SIGNAL! Where I came from doesn’t matter. How I came to this desire doesn’t matter. Where I lived[…] Read More →

Wasted natural resources

WASTED NATURAL RESOURCES Q: I wish you would address the question of waste. I have spent probably the last 30 years of my life trying to simplify my life, recycling everything, doing my duty in this fashion, and I have pretty much, as you already know, made myself an enemy[…] Read More →

Source gets behind you

“When Source gets behind you, and always IS, but when you become consciously AWARE of the Source that’s behind you, you become the invincible, joyful beings that you were born to be.” Abraham Hicks

Universe to fulfill my desires

“The Universe has the ability to fulfill my desires to the degree I can perceive.” Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 04/02/04

Don't get in the way of happiness

“Earlier in their relationship Esther said to Jerry, “You make me so happy!” Jerry said, “That’s not my plan, my plan is NOT to get in the way of your happiness.” Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 04/02/14

Get into alignment

“The more you get into Alignment with WHO-YOU-ARE, your impulses about all things will begin shifting” Abraham Hicks, March 22nd 2014, Albuquerque

As you look for evidence of anything, you create it

“As you start looking for evidence of decline, it is our promise to you you will find it, not because it was there for you to discover, but because in your searching for it, you create it.” Abraham Hicks, Sedona March 16th, 2014