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Find a little piece of it

“Anything that you are wanting: don’t stand in the lack of it and lament that it isn’t there and expect it to come to you. IT CANNOT.Find a little piece of it, a little string of it, a little trail of it, a little clue of it – look for[…] Read More →

When you choose upstream, it never works for you

“When you’d rather be right than feel good, you’re often choosing upstream rather than downstream. And when you choose upstream, it never works for you”Abraham Hicks, Kansas City 09/13/2006

Don't wobble

“When you’re standing in a STABLE PLACE, you just DON’t WOBBLE” Abraham Hicks, Stamford, CT 05/24/2014

There is no assertion

“What causes guardedness usually is the feeling that there is assertion, that someone outside of me can assert unwanted things into my experience”. But once you show yourself that you are attracting all of it…that’s why we recall years ago something wonderful happened and Esther said” I did that”, crowed[…] Read More →

Jesus said "Turn the other cheek"

“Train yourself so well to not cause a wobble that as you even see a wobble you become unwilling to look at it. It really is looking away. Jesus said ”turn the other cheek”. It really is looking at only what you want to see. Today, no matter where I’m[…] Read More →

Something that resonates

“When you choose something that resonates with that Nonphysical Tone, you feel elation, you feel joy, you feel passion, you feel enthusiasm, you feel clarity, you feel full, you feel good”Abraham Hicks

Expand the practice of your perception

“It’s the practice of your perception that you’re wanting to expand, not the details that you will perceive, because everything that you perceive has layers and layers and layers that the Source within you is perceiving. You have no idea how good your food really is or how fragrant your[…] Read More →

Go general

“How general do you have to be to step back from the wobble? That’s the work.”Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun LANDCRUISE 2014

Finding prosperity vibration – Part 2

FINDING PROSPERITY VIBRATION – Part 2 Guest: You know, what happens… I feel prosperous, happy and I’m like…ohhh…yeah… I’m in there and I’m good and it’s, everything’s good and … Abraham: To what point? Guest: And then I see a price, which is like woo hoo…and I go like: “I[…] Read More →

Finding prosperity vibration – Part 1

FINDING PROSPERITY VIBRATION – Part 1GUEST: Okay, prosperity. We talked about prosperity yesterday. I know I’m on my way to great prosperity, I just know that.Abraham: Alright. We are going to play together. So if you know that you are on your way, then you also know you’re not there. GUEST:[…] Read More →