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Finding prosperity vibration – Part 2

FINDING PROSPERITY VIBRATION – Part 2 Guest: You know, what happens… I feel prosperous, happy and I’m like…ohhh…yeah… I’m in there and I’m good and it’s, everything’s good and … Abraham: To what point? Guest: And then I see a price, which is like woo hoo…and I go like: “I[…] Read More →

Finding prosperity vibration – Part 1

FINDING PROSPERITY VIBRATION – Part 1GUEST: Okay, prosperity. We talked about prosperity yesterday. I know I’m on my way to great prosperity, I just know that.Abraham: Alright. We are going to play together. So if you know that you are on your way, then you also know you’re not there. GUEST:[…] Read More →

Rampage for creating money

RAMPAGE FOR CREATING MONEYQ: I am not ready for receiving in a shorter time …A: Aaarrrgghhhh…Q; Okay alrightA: It’s alright, it’s alright you can’t get this wrong but we are going to play with you because shorter time is focused right on what’s not happening, so you already got a[…] Read More →