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Find pleasure right here and now

“This alignment is so easy to accomplish, all you got to do is remember feeling good and focus on that just a little bit and in doing so the momentum of that will reactivate. And then off you go, because the path is so clear to Source, but you don’t want[…] Read More →

Allow the Universe to show you how worthy you are

“Sometimes you get the feeling that you are here to prove worthiness to something else – nothing like that is true, or that you’re here being tested – none of that is true. We want you to understand that you’re here moving through the details of life in order to[…] Read More →

We wouldn't be mad at anybody

“We wouldn’t be mad at anybody for a minute because it’s not worth it; not because it’ll kill them, not because it’ll kill you, but because it’s miserable in comparison with the LOVE that you could be feeling right here and now.”Abraham Hicks, Boston, MA 06/07/2014

"I'm becoming a vibrational snob"

Esther said: “I’m becoming a vibrational snob; I’m not willing to entertain those thoughts that don’t feel good. That’s who I used to be, that’s who I have been; been there, done that; not doing that anymore. Now I’m vibrationally centered and the world is my oyster. Everything that I[…] Read More →

There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped

“There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped if you start at the heart of it, which is emotional every time. There is not one of you who have a negative emotion that within 2 minutes or about, you couldn’t change to a positive emotion if you would let[…] Read More →

Fear is the indication of a big wobble

“If you are feeling fear that’s the indication that you have a big time wobble going on. You gotta find some way to release enough of the conditions that the fear can move to love, or the fear can move to eager, or the fear can move to appreciation or[…] Read More →

When efforting you make wobble greater

“When you’re efforting, you’re almost always amplifying the resistant part which is always causing the wobble to be greater.”Abraham Hicks, Boston MA 06/07/2014

You gotta be aware

“Source is using every conceivable, possible messenger to confirm and accentuate things that are important to you. You just gotta be aware.”Abraham Hicks, Boston MA 06/07/2014

An answer to a woman fighting a legal law suit

An answer to a woman fighting a legal law suitYou can’t ever gain your assurance; you cannot ever find your balance by reaching for it from the outside. In other words, it’s out there, you cannot win a legal battle, don’t fight it on those terms. What you’re wanting to[…] Read More →


“You can change your beliefs. Your beliefs are only thoughts that you keep thinking. And you don’t have to continue to think unhelpful beliefs. Esther will say, “Well, that was unpleasant and unnecessary… unnecessary… unpleasant and unnecessary.” So what we’re really saying to you is: It is our powerful desire[…] Read More →