Monthly Archives: July 2014

Things you think change

“When you change the way you feel about the things you think, the things you think change and when the things you think change, your point of attraction changes” Abraham Hicks, Los Angeles 07/26/2014

Live unconditionally

“You have to become someone who wants to live unconditionally. It’s the only way you will ever be free”Abraham HicksLos Angeles, CA, 07/26/14

What anyone thinks of you is none of your business

“What anyone thinks of you is none of your business. Don’t make it your business” Abraham Hicks

It’s all the winking along the way

“The fun in life is identifying the desire and molding yourself in harmony with it and then watching the Universe winking at you all along the way. And it isn’t the outcome that you want anyway; it’s all the winking along the way.”Abraham Hicks, San Diego, CA February 8, 2014

You ought to achieve anything you desire

“All of your power is in your ability to see things in a way that keeps you feeling good, and when you’re able to do that you ought to achieve anything that you desire” Abraham Hicks – Sara Book 3 – “A talking owl is worth a thousand words”

Nobody is ever going to behave differently than they feel

“Nobody is ever going to behave differently than they feel. You just can’t orchestrate it; you just can’t make the rules strong enough, or the laws big enough or the punishment grave enough to get people to behave other than the way they feel.“Abraham Hicks, San Francisco, CA 07/19/2014

Trying to fix it out

“When you are trying to fix it out there in the conditions usually you don’t make it better, you make it worse. And you can tell you’re making it worse because you’re feeling effort, you’re trying harder, you’re working harder, you’re making more phone calls, you’re feeling more frustrated, you’re[…] Read More →

Let your old beliefs fade

“Let your old beliefs fade through lack of attention.” Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

Align with your true self

“Instead of catering to the conditions that others are placing on you, we want you to align with your true self within.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

Eat from a place of alignment

“Like a meat eating canine that follows the impulse to eat grass because it offers something that its normal diet does not, we would like you to be at a place where you are inspired to eat from a place of alignment.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014