Daily Archives: July 22, 2014

Let your old beliefs fade

“Let your old beliefs fade through lack of attention.” Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

Align with your true self

“Instead of catering to the conditions that others are placing on you, we want you to align with your true self within.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

Eat from a place of alignment

“Like a meat eating canine that follows the impulse to eat grass because it offers something that its normal diet does not, we would like you to be at a place where you are inspired to eat from a place of alignment.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

Do you want to feel love or hate?

“Do you want to feel love or hate? That is the only thing you need to ask yourself.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

You can BE or DO or HAVE anything that you choose

“If there were ever a way for you to understand that Source exists, it must be in your emotional awareness because if there were not someone keenly interested in you and holding a vibrational frequency about you, then you could think anything you want and you would feel no vibrational[…] Read More →

You want to live love

“The reason that you want to be someone who lives unconditional love is because you want to LIVE LOVE and when you live conditional love, it KEEPS YOU FROM LOVE. The conditions that you’re placing out there are keeping you from the FEELING THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO HAVE IT.”Abraham[…] Read More →