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Work never gets anything done

“Work never gets anything done. All work does, it just moves stuff from place to place. All work does, is just helps other people who are working harder not hate you so openly. All work does, is help you justify an existence that doesn’t need to be justified. All hard[…] Read More →

Vibrational currency

“There’s a Vibrational Currency that buys things — wrong word — but buys things that money can’t buy…far, far, far, far, far, far, far more things than money can buy.” Abraham Hicks

Satisfied and eager for more

“We want you to try reach for that feeling of “satisfied with where I am and eager for more”. Have you ever gone to a movie that took you on an emotional roller coaster and just wore you out? It ended happily, but you were exhausted by the time it[…] Read More →


In response to the guest’s question regarding this being the time of awakening: Does the “awakening” mean that more individuals will be blended beings? “The thing that will keep you from blending more than all other things is you noticing others who are not blending and believing somehow that they[…] Read More →

Abraham Hicks – Explaining vibration

“Are you beginning to understand that what you are thinking and what you are feeling and what you are getting is always a vibrational match? As we visit with our physical friend and we talk about this Vibration Universe in which you are focused, sometimes especially in the beginning of[…] Read More →

Effort is not your friend

“Effort is not your friend! Effort is what you do when you don´t believe. (…) You try to use your effort and your action and your hours and your hard work and your stamina and your grit and your determination to cover up energy that´s misaligned. Cut it out!” Abraham[…] Read More →

Don't try to please any other humans

“Don’t try to please any other humans. Find alignment with your Source and watch what happens… Those who are dependent on your empathy will drift away…If you want to play with me, come for the fun, come for the love…” Abraham Hicks, London, UK, 09/20/2014

Not manifesting

“The only reason it is not manifesting is because you are aware it’s not manifesting!” Abraham Hicks, London, UK, 09/20/2014

Not beat up on myself ever again

“I’m not ever again going to beat up on myself for not being able to get to the goodest, to the goodest, to the goodest, to the goodest, of all thoughts. I’ll take the goodest thought that I can find, and I’ll pat myself on the back—and I’ll keep reaching”[…] Read More →

Find conscious awareness

“We want to help you to find conscious awareness of what you are doing with your vibration. If you are consciously aware of how you are feeling, then you will have the opportunity (if you want to) of reaching for the thought that feels even better. And that is really[…] Read More →