Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Universe is helping

“The Universe is helping every individual in the specifics of their life. And so, you don’t have to find vibrational alignment on behalf of the masses, because each focused Consciousness within the mass has connection to that same Source. You are equally tended to, equally cared for—and equally blessed.” Abraham[…] Read More →

You can’t be stuck

“You can’t be stuck. What could be happening is that you keep creating the same thing over and over so you think you’re stuck. But it’s not because you’re standing still; it’s because you keep looking at what-is and offering a vibration about what-is, and recreating more of what-is. So,[…] Read More →

You are vibrational beings

“You see, as physical humans, most of you have not understood that you are Vibrational Beings and that your only work is to align the Energy within you. Most of you are offering your vibration almost completely in response to what you are observing. And what you are observing is[…] Read More →


This is the thing that most don’t understand about this BUSINESS OF CREATION. The CONTRAST caused you to do the work. You DID the work You PUT it in the Vortex and Source is ON it. So now, all you have to do is to be in a place where[…] Read More →

What someone thinks of you

“What someone thinks about you cannot affect you. It is your focus about what you imagine they are thinking that affects you.” Abraham Hicks

How you create

“It is through your perspective that you create, it is through your perception, it is through your focus, it is through your attention… When you are pondering, when you are observing, when you are imagining, when you are remembering, when you are fantasizing, when you are visualizing… Whatever you are,[…] Read More →

My future isn't about my past

“My future isn’t about my past. Nothing that has ever happened has anything to do with now unless, in my now, I continue to think and speak about it. Fresh new thoughts today will always give me a fresh new experience.” Abraham Hicks

The way you fix is through the savor

“The way you fix is through the savor. We don’t know of any way to fix your life, or align yourself, or allow your Source, or to achieve what you want—we don’t know of any way to do it other than savoring your way there.” Abraham Hicks

There is the potential for relief

“There is the potential for relief (feeling better) indefinitely. In other words, we do not know of any ending point to the amount of clarity, and adventure, and joy, and Well-Being—it is an unlimited thing.” Abraham Hicks Asheville, NC 10/24/2004