Daily Archives: December 20, 2014

Speak to your children when you are in alignment

“Never speak to your children unless you know you’re in alignment, because if you’re not in alignment, whatever you say is not going to be to their advantage; and when you are in alignment what you will discover yourself saying is about what works, not about what you’re trying to[…] Read More →

Receiving inspiration from transitioned relatives

Receiving inspiration from relatives transitioned into non-physical “When those (inspired) thoughts come to you, it’s not only because someone is thinking them and you are picking on them…that’s for sure happening, but the TIMING of it is really really important cause he’s presenting that thought to you in a precise[…] Read More →

How can you perceive yourself

“Without a relational experience, how can you perceive yourself as existing at all?” Abraham Hicks, Canary Island Cruise 09/21/2014