Daily Archives: January 19, 2015

The path of most allowance

“The path of most allowance is always a door opening; it’s never a door closing.” Abraham Hicks San Diego, CA 01/10/15

The path to what you're looking for

“There are a lot of things that you all have convinced yourself that you shouldn’t allow yourself to experience that are really the path to what you’re looking for.” Abraham Hicks, San Diego CA, 01/10/2015

You have primary responsability to yourself

“You have one primary responsibility to yourself and that’s alignment with your own power and your own clarity and when you’re standing in that place, then you can go to anyone who needs you and your balance will not be threatened, But until you’re in alignment, you don’t’ help them[…] Read More →

The greatest irony

“The greatest irony in the world is that you are so blessed and don’t know it” Abraham Hicks, San Diego CA 01/10/15

Stop giving the blame to the circumstances

“It’s time to stop giving the blame to the circumstances that you can’t control for the way you feel when there is so much about the way you feel that you can control.” Abraham Hicks, 01/10/2015, San Diego, CA