Monthly Archives: February 2015

Acknowledge what you do want

“You have put a clear, distinct, vivid relationship in your Vortex that you keep resisting with all of your awareness of what’s going on, what’s going on, what’s going on. So if you could just change one thing as you’re looking at something you don’t like in someone, acknowledge what[…] Read More →

Don't beat up on yourself

“The way you get away from a negative feeling is by acknowledging that it is a GOOD THING THAT YOU HAVE IT. Don’t beat up on yourself “Oh, I shouldn’t be feeling this way”; instead acknowledge how VALUABLE it is that you have been alerted to the fact that there[…] Read More →

You use people as your excuse to throw resistant stuff on your path

“You know so much more what you want about all things than you act like you know and it’s because you haven’t been practicing that selfish determination to go toward “what I know I want”. You put up with too much; and you know what, you are not putting up[…] Read More →

You don't do anybody a favor by taking the hard path

“You don’t do anybody a favor by taking the hard path and blocking yourself off from all of your resources, because then you’re all resentful, then you are making demands on others, then you need others to give you the break that you can only get from your nonresistant path.”[…] Read More →

There is nothing serious going on here

“We want you all to bring yourself to the place where you have no responsibility other than to be playful, because there’s nothing serious going on here. THERE’S NOTHING SERIOUS GOING ON HERE. So when you decide to make the “plague” out of something where there’s nothing serious going on[…] Read More →

The path is highlighted by Source to assist you

“You do always have options and you are at various times, at varying degrees of being sensitive enough to know what your options are. But if we can just get across to you in a way that you could really feel it and want to know it, that there always[…] Read More →

Is not your job to give stability to others

“Anything that you keep doing that is the same, same, same, same, same, same, same, eventually, you’re going to get crossways of it because you’re expanding far more than you realize that you are. And the other people in your life are happy keeping you doing the same, same, same,[…] Read More →

Is none of your business what anybody else is doing

“There’s this impossible thing that you do when you’re trying to figure out what you should do based upon what others are doing and the reason it doesn’t work is because, we love you so much, is none of your business what anybody else is doing. There’s no vibrational connection[…] Read More →