Monthly Archives: April 2015

Nobody needs anybody

“Nobody needs anybody. You don’t need support from others but there are all kinds of cooperation that Law of Attraction will line up for you, you will not be alone. But if you are vulnerable, if you are needy, if you’re feeling that something is missing from your experience, then[…] Read More →

The path for others

“Nothing ever really goes wrong, but there is a question about how much discomfort you are willing to put up with for yourself. And the answer to that really lies in how willing are you to follow your path and not work so hard in trying at make everybody else’s[…] Read More →

Take the time to line up

“If you’ve got split energy about something, you’re not very powerful. But if you’ll take the time to line up with who you are, if you will follow your path of least resistance, if you’ll take to heart what that really means, if you will care about how you feel[…] Read More →

They are not bastards

“There is always a cooperative component that will help you figure it out. There are cooperative components everywhere. You got to accept them as cooperative components. They are not bastards. They are not renegades. They are not monsters. They are not trying to make your life harder. They are just[…] Read More →

Enhance your state of being

“What we would encourage that you do regarding everything that you are considering bringing into your experience, whether if it’s a new car, or a new friend or whatever, that you stop for a moment and asses as clearly as you can how that new whatever will affect your state[…] Read More →

Make things happen

“It is our wanting that you come to a clearer understanding of what is really making things happen in your experience. And in order to be very clear about that it is necessary that you leave behind many of the old beliefs, such as: “Action is what makes a difference[…] Read More →


“You try to make your decisions about life from statistics, statistics that are so warped, statistics that are attracted by someone’s decision to prove something. Statistics that by Law of Attraction only prove that this one has the ability to attract the evidence that he wanted to begin with, you[…] Read More →