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How To Change Your Life Around In 30 Days
Implementing Law Of Attraction To Deliberately Create
Health, Wealth and Love

About this book and how to use it

We are vibrational interpreters of a vibrational based Universe filled with unlimited Energy which we mould into experiences by our focus of attention and then call it reality. Law of Attraction is the Primary Law upon which all creation is based. It says: Like attracts like. As moulders of energy we can either create by default when we observe what is and react in preset learned ways.

Deliberate creators set their own tone unconditioally.

There are three steps to creation.

From availbale contrast we formulate a desire

The Universe answers

According to our vibrational set up manifestation occurs.

Creation by default:

We observe conditions and formulate a desire often in terms of exclusion – I do not want …

The Universe answers

According to our vibrational set up of fear, worry, anxiety, doubt or other form of resistance and limiting beliefs we experience unwanted manifestations

Deliberate Creation:

We observe conditions and formulate desires of inclusion – I want …

The Universe answers

According to our vibrational set up of appreciation, joy, eager anticipation, acceptance and love we experience wanted manifestations.

About step 2 we need to remember that the Universe has unlimited ways and means to orches-trate the answers. How the desire is answered is not our work. Our work is to formulate positive desires and to get out of our own way to open up for life force to flow through us and manifestations to occur.

During the next 30 days we are going to use whatever tools and techniques we can apply to reduce our resistances to and increase our allowing of the flow of universal live giving energy through us.

Each day there is a morning ritual, some day time exercises and an evening ritual. All together the time spend on these rituals and exercises should not exceed one hour. 15 Minutes for the morning ritual, 15 minutes for the evening ritual and about 30 minutes throughout the day for daytime exer-cises.

The basic plan comes from Abraham’s teachings on how to have a perfect day.

Since Health, Wealth and Love are the three main themes of our lives the exercises and quotes each day will have one of these themes as basis.
I’m printing these pages and putting them into a ring binder with lots of extra paper for lists and notes and doodles and scribbles added.


The structure of each day is as follows:

Morning Ritual:

As you wake up you should read the quote for the day and ponder how this applies to you while you do your first things – bathroom, breakfast etc. As you ponder the quote ask yourself “What does this mean about me?”

Smile for one Minute – this increases the seratonin levels in your ssystem and is a powerful antidepressant.

Meditate for 5 Minutes- various techniques will be offered

For Health: In awareness of your breathing in and breathing out count off 60 breaths.

For Wealth: Repeat for five minutes: “The sun is shining and the grass is green.” or something similar.

For Love: Pet a cat or listen to your favourite music – be aware of all sensations while you do


Do the Placemat Exercise for 5 minutes in the space provided

Do Segment Intending for 4 minutes, 4 segments will be provided. You can intend different segments each day.

Remember your daily prosperity virtual spendning amount. This amount is based on the Prosperity Game and will increase by 1000 units of your currency each day for your to virtually spend each day.


During the Day:

According to the theme of the day implement the tools and techniques

Become aware of your vibrational meter

Doodle Dreams for your Creation Box

Do Virtual Realities – 30 seconds scenes of joy

Spend your daily virtual prosperity allowance

Evening ritual:

Read and ponder the Quote for the night also asking yourself, “What does this mean about me?”

Remember the good things of the day, space for your list of success is provided Do Book Of Positive Aspects for yourself and other people and things

Segment intend the sleep and dream period.

Have fun and don’t try too hard.


Day 1 – Health

Day 2 – Wealth

Day 3 – Love

Day 4 – Health

Day 5 – Wealth

Day 6 – Love

Day 7 – Health

Day 8 – Wealth

Day 9 – Love

Day 10 – Health

Day 11 – Wealth

Day 12 – Love

Day 13 – Health

Day 14 – Wealth

Day 15 – Love

Day 16 – Health

Day 17 – Wealth

Day 18 – Love

Day 19 – Health

Day 20 – Wealth

Day 21 – Love

Day 22 – Health

Day 23 – Wealth

Day 24 – Love

Day 25 – Health

Day 26 – Wealth

Day 27 – Love

Day 28 – Health

Day 29 – Wealth

Day 30 – Love


All quotes are copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications. Visit the official Abraham site at: www.abraham-hicks.com/

Abraham-Hicks Publications P.O. Box 690070 San Antonio, TX 78269




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