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“Sometimes it seems that you get the old 1, 2, 3 punch where something doesn’t go right. Then something else doesn’t go right. Then something really goes wrong. And it feels hard for you to get hold of something that will really work for you. But it is NOT a difficult thing because the entire Universe is on your side and rooting for you to get what you want.
You just have to relax and stop throwing the hissing fit that you’re not getting what you want right this minute. In other words, that’s the thing that’s going wrong with so many of you. You so want what you want and you innately know that you should get it. And when you’re not getting it there is this feeling of injustice that is so pervasive that it makes you just sort of freak out. 

And you just got to freak out less frequently. And not be so hard on yourself when you do it. 


Everyone is on my side.

In other words, the source, the resources is all coming together for me because my life is supposed to go well.

And things are supposed to be good for me.

And life is supposed to be fun.

And I am supposed to feel ease.

And things are supposed to work out for me.

And things are working out for me.

And when I look at it more is working out than isn’t. 

And there is much more of balance of evidence of things going well for me, than not.

I like being a nit-picker.

I like being spoiled so rotten that I sort of have a meltdown when every little thing isn’t going right, because that means that the larger part of me does acknowledge things are supposed to go well.

But I’m resilient.

I can deal with this.

I can line up with this.

I can find my way.

I can tune into Who-I-Am.

I can find it. 

I do it often. 

I do it all the time. 

Not every time. Don’t need to do it every time. 

I do it often. 

I do it most of the time. 

I am doing it frequently.

I am doing it chronically.

I am feeling good much of the time.

Things are going my way.

Everything is working alright for me.

The Universe is on my side.

My Vibrational Escrow is alive and well – Source is focused upon it – my Inner-Being within me is there.

When I feel negative emotion it just means I’m turned the other way.

I can turn back that way. 

And if I don’t – no big deal.

I can hold myself a part – I can be as miserable as I decide to be – I can be as sick as I decide to be. 

But at any point I decide, I can turn around. 

I am in charge of this.

Everything is alright.

There is nothing to worry about.

Everything is working alright.

The Universe is on my side.

My inner-Being is on my side.

My Vibrational Escrow is alive and well – I just need to turn in the direction of it.

It’s fun in moving towards things.

It doesn’t all have to manifest right now.

I wouldn’t want it to all manifest right now.

I like it to manifest in bits and pieces.

I like knowing I’m on the flow of it.

I like coming up with new ideas.

I like turning and going in the direction of it.

I like feeling tuned in, tapped in, turned on with Source.

I like feeling the joy of Source flowing through me. 

I like knowing that all is well

I like this contrasting life.

I like living this life.

I like all of it.

I like Who-I-Am.

I like what I’m doing.

I like where I am.

I like where I’m going. 

Good time of segment of refreshment.” Transcript by Ellen Lazanas




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