Abraham Hicks – Explaining vibration


“Are you beginning to understand that what you are thinking and what you are feeling and what you are getting is always a vibrational match?
As we visit with our physical friend and we talk about this Vibration Universe in which you are focused, sometimes especially in the beginning of the discussion the idea of being vibrational beings feels a little uncomfortable even though you are magnificent vibrational beings.
You are much more vibrational.
You are much more energy.
You are much more Non-physical – meaning non-seeing, non-heard, non-smelled, non-tasted, non-touched Energy than you are the flesh, blood, boned beings that you see.
But you have done such an extraordinary job of evolving to this place of being ‘Masterful Interpreters of Vibration’ through your physical senses that you do not even realize that you are doing it.
You are Vibrational Beings and you are interpreting through your senses.
What you see with your eyes is a vibrational interpretation.
What you hear with your ears is a vibrational interpretation.
Even what you smell with your nose, or taste with your tongue, or feel with your fingertips – this is all because of your ability to interpret vibration.
And because you were born interpreting you tend to now conclude that ‘’what I interpret with my physical senses is reality!’’
And what we are wanting to assist you in understanding and coming to as a result of our interaction here today is that you have the ability to interpret vibration far, far, far beyond these physical senses.
And when you begin to attempt to sense vibration from that Broader Interpreter which we would call your ‘emotional center’ then you begin to get a true reading of Who You Are, then and really only then you begin to understand the relationship that you have between yourself and the Non-Physical Energy.
You are extensions of Non-Physical Energy. You stand here in these physical bodies as extension of much broader, older, wiser knowing.”

Copyright Esther Hicks
Transcript by Ellen Lazanas
On YouTube thanks to Eternal-Joy ‘Abraham Hicks – Explaining vibration’

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