Applauding from Source Energy


“Your greatest work here is not to move the Universe forward, because you can’t help but play your part in that. Your greatest work is to hold yourself so much in vibrational harmony with the idea that you’ve achieved — that you allow a harmony of Source Energy. As the Source Energy flows through you, you know that you have achieved what you have ultimately come forth to achieve: the allowing of who you really are, to be present here and now.
So some of you say, “Well, I think I’ll really test this. I’ll get out there on some really big event, and I’ll really make it hard for me to bring myself back into alignment,” or you may be focused within the specifics of your own personal life, and you may get out of alignment. And when you bring yourself back into alignment, the heavens applaud, because it is your individual alignment, no matter what the subject of your desire, that the applauding from Source Energy is all about.
If you are reaching for the quintessential success of a physical experience — it is to be a happy one. Many of you say, “Oh, well, shouldn’t I do something more meaningful than that?” And we say, there IS nothing more meaningful than that.”
Abraham Hicks

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