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Look for reasons to feel good

“We can’t be louder, you gotta listen better. It’s not about us increasing volume or intensity, it would blow you up. It’s about you just tweaking and the way you do that is by looking for reasons to feel good about everything, Don’t start with your parents, that’s too hard.[…] Read More →

There is no pronouncement of judgment from Source

“There’s no pronouncement of judgment coming from Source, and if it’s coming from someone else, it’s just a misunderstanding on their part.” Abraham Hicks, San Antonio TX, 11/15/2014

Your flowing to them you can control

“When your awareness of how you are pleasing them (others) is primary, there is a distortion in your vibration. It’s like doing something for someone and knowing that if they’ve been trained right by their mother that they will feel appreciation to you for what you are giving to them.[…] Read More →

You're alright

“Your singular work is to make as certain as you can at any moment in time, that you’re ALRIGHT, that you’re alright. However you have to work it around in your mind to make yourself alright, then the ideas start flowing, and the fun starts happening, because the expansion is[…] Read More →

Receptive mode indicator

“Your mood is your receptive mode indicator” Abraham Hicks, Phoenix AZ 12/06/2014

You assign the bigness or the smallness to things

“You are the ones that assign the bigness or the smallness to things, and it’s life experience that causes you to do that. (…) In every moment, you have the option of playing UP the TRAUMA or playing UP the BENEFIT, or playing DOWN the TRAUMA and DRAMA or playing[…] Read More →

Pointing out what is missing…

“When you’re pointing out what’s missing from your life that you want, you keep what’s missing active in your vibration and you prevent it from coming” Abraham Hicks, Phoenix AZ 12/06/2014

You can't get it wrong

“There are so many unimportant things that you all worry about that you just beat up on yourself over and over and over, unnecessarily, you see… When there’s no judgment from what matters, you can’t get it wrong. You can’t be by your standards inappropriate enough that Source is going[…] Read More →

The cells of your body aren't old

“The cells of your body aren’t old, they keep regenerating, they are new. Your body has the potential of being as young and as vital as it has ever been, you see… You don’ have old cells, you just have an old attitude about your new self.” Abraham Hicks, Canary[…] Read More →

There is no entitlement

“There is a sort of feeling of entitlement that often comes from a sophisticated world or from those who are accustomed to receiving from you. In the beginning, when you are new to them their feelings of entitlement are not so great (that’s the same thing that happened with the[…] Read More →