Avenues to prosperity – Part 1


“Guest: So, I’d like to continue some other stuff that we talked about this morning and particularly interested in prosperity, receptivity and doing. I have a tendency, I think, to go into the doing aspect.

Abraham: Yeah you do … haa haa haa… it’s alright, you wanna do. Doing is really fun, and doing in the flow is way more fun though than doing not in the flow; and doing because you can’t stop yourself from doing it because the momentum is such, is way more fun and way more productive than doing it because it needs to be done, but of course you want action. Action is this manifested point out here on the leading edge, action is way fun, you just wanna do it from a vibrational aligned standpoint, not from a vibrational missalingned standpoint. That’s all. Action from the path of least resistance, not action from the path of more resistance

Guest: We talk a little bit about prosperity … I understand working for money, on rare occasions I have found money in the street…

Abraham: Now, we’re just gonna interrupt you here for just a moment because you’ve laid out the perfect place for us to say this.

Guest: Okay …

Abraham: Working for money is like motivation as compared to inspiration. Working for money is the action part and, certainly there’s always action involved in the allowing the money into your experience, we’re not trying to guide you away from action, but the emphasis is on the energy work, the alignment work, wobble free work and then the inspired action; then that’s a whole different thing than working for money

Guest: So in terms of ways that money can come to you, prosperity, so there’s working for money, or even inspired working for money

Abraham: We like the way this conversation is going already we want to head it off, we like it so much… because before we go there with you, we will go there with you if you want to; there’s nothing wrong with going where you think you wanna go, really; but what we’re talking about is this movement from the Vortex where it`s the unseen into the bank account where it is seen, in other words this transfer from vibration into material. So this is what we’re really talking about, so when you say, you started to lay out the ways that that can happen and we want you to understand there is an infinite of ways that you are not even considering that you couldn’t even possibly consider. The best you can make out of that bulky general list, but ohhh… when you get tuned into this and the ideas start flowing, the flow of energy and the flow the economics, of love, prosperity… unlimited… unlimited resources. Look even at your economics of today and think about how robust it is in comparison to a hundred years ago; and a hundred years ago no one could have conceived of the avenues through which the abundance flows or the height to which the abundance has swolen or the degree to which the abundance affects the details of your life experience, so let’s not make a puny little list, let’s just call it unlimited and open ourselves to the ideas that are ripe for the plucking now.

Guest: I guess my question is, in other word, I was going down a list of things that sort of fit inside my rational mind in my ability to conceive.

Abraham: Because you can equate the action with the receiving.

Guest: Right, so I’m asking about how to open myself up more, be more receptive to unseen and…

Abraham: by saying things like there are way more ways than I can think of right now and putting myself in a corner where I lay out five things as limiting, I’m not going to do that anymore,
I’m going to accept the unlimitedness of it,
I’m going to accept the rightness of ideas that I am about to receive.
It’s hard for a doer, isn’t it?

Guest: Yes

Abraham: Hard for somebody who’s used to just getting in and doing it, it’s annoying when you do and others don’t do, but those who are really doing aren’t doing, those that are really receiving, have got this vibrational flow going. Now just answer this as you believe it to be, there’s only a slight trap here for you, but answer this is as you believe it to be … Do you believe that currently your prosperity, and we’re talking about financial prosperity, you believe right now that your financial prosperity is tied to your action? Well, you know the right answer and everybody else was just quiet, because most of you would say: well this is how I earn my living, I exchange this action for this income and so, let us lay the trap a little tighter for you.
If you stop doing today what you’ve been doing, will your money flow tomorrow the way it’s been flowing? Is there anybody out there? If you didn’t go to work tomorrow will your money flow? And if you didn’t go to work tomorrow for those of you who if you don’t go to work tomorrow and don’t do what you usually do and your money doesn’t flow… then what? then what? In other words, does your money feel dependent on your action?
Audience: Yes

Abraham: So, thank you for being honest. Well for most that is normal in your economy of today, isn’t that you have trained yourself or been hired to to do something in exchange or you have positioned yourself to do something in exchange. Economics is about that, isn’t it? It’s about providing service for one another; aren’t your economics all about your interaction with each other? Here’s another question for you… If there was no one else on the planet would your business or means of making money be necessary and if there were no one else to participate with you in any way, goods or services, would there be any reason for you to provide them? Can you step back far enough to acknowledge that your interaction with one another is what the basis that economics is all about? Can you step far enough back to acknowledge that economy rests on, rides on, depends on, at the bases of is serving one another in some way?
Audience: Yes.

Abraham: Do you believe that the ways to serve one another have all been figured out?
Audience: No.

Abraham: Do you believe that there are desires in the ethers, on the minds, on the lips, the hopes and dreams of the masses that are still to be discovered?
Audience: Yes.

Abraham: Do you believe that you have the ability to position yourself as you choose to, to be the beneficiary of the satisfaction of serving others? We tricked you, didn’t we?

Because what we want you to embrace first is that your economics and how they flow to you are about the energy that you are flowing outward to others, in other words, it’s what you are offering, what you’re receiving and what you’re offering are the same. They are vibrationally equivalent and if you can think in terms of the service that you’re offering, now we offer that word carefully because you misunderstand it every time someone uses the word, but in this conversation we’re having, where we’ve agreed that economics is all about serving one another, in other words, it’s what it all is, then as you acknowledge that your contribution, what you are offering to this mix, is a value to others… once you go there, now you are understanding economics is a whole new place that can serve you in a whole new way.

So now, we’ll ask you, are you there yet? Do you acknowledge that it is your service to others?
So now, in what ways do you serve? You were going to make a short list a little while ago, but in what ways do you serve others?

You serve others by getting energy flowing, you serve others by tapping into the stream of the infinite intelligence, you serve others by tuning in, tapping in to the frequency, this high power frequency, you serve others my understanding the path of least resistance, you serve others by being wobble free, you serve others by tapping in, not just infinite intelligence, but to infinite prosperity, to infinite abundance of energy, to infinite ideas. If you’re serving others, then isn’t the idea that really is at the basis of most service, you see?

When you loosen up these cobwebs and you start aknowledgeing that you could be in the right place at the right time in more conversations, in more opportunities to uplift, if you would put your attention upon the energy that you are receiving, which then you will be flowing… but here’s the most interesting thing about economics, we already said it to you, but we’re gonna say it to you again… you don’t get it until you give it because it is the asking for it that summons it. So when you get into an attitude of service, which is asking for it on the behalf of others, now you open a really big portal, really big Vortex of abundance. And that’s really the place that you wanna start with all of this:
In what ways can I be a value to others?
Now lets start generally… Are you of more value to others when you are ornery or happy? Well that’s not the difficult thing to understand and yet it’s usually not a question that you ask in relationship to economics, is it? Because you’re thinking in terms of your action, not in terms of your attitude, but your attitude, your mood, your vibration is everything in terms of what you receive and in terms of what you give. So, if you’re thinking in terms of being the portal through which all of this flows, you acknowledge that the world is out there asking … Do you acknowledge that their life experiences are what are causing them to identify what the next economic booms will be? You know that there are economic booms in the Vortex right now that haven’t even been discovered by those who will feel the inspiration to provide the response to the boom that has been asked for? So does it overwhelm you to think about being the creative genius that is inspired to that? We’re not asking all of you to be the next Bill Gates… but why not? We’re not asking you to be the next innovator of the next big invention… but why not? But what we are asking you to do is acknowledge that there’s infinite energy flowing and enough abundance will flow to serve you in the way that you are wanting to be served, once you get into the flow of economics. It’s all about energy!”
Abraham Hicks, Asheville, NC, 2014.05.03 – 05.04

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