Avenues to prosperity – part 2

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“Abraham: “As much money is coming to you (we’re saying money), financial abundance is coming to you as you are asking for and allowing. But what’s interesting, as in our earlier conversation, you’re motivating yourself to the asking rather than inspiring yourself to the asking, so it’s not a clear open thing that’s going on because in the worrying about what you’re gonna do with it or where it’s going to come from, you block the flow of it.

So if you could just concentrate on the fact that the flow exists and on the fact that there is a path of least resistance that is available to you right here and now, if you could just acknowledge that you have the ability to get on this path and you have the ability to receive the flow instead of worrying about where it’s gonna be, when it’s gonna be, who’s gonna bring it, where it’s gonna come from, how long it’s going to last, how big it’s gonna be. When you ask those questions that make you wobble, then you don’t do either one of those two things: you don’t hook up to the energy and you don’t flow it towards something that is meaningful to you.
That was a big economic discussion, but how does it translate into something that you do something about? It doesn’t translate into how you do something about, it translates into how you feel about money.
You gotta feel like there’s plenty of it out there and there’s a lot of it earmarked for you, you gotta feel that way because it IS that way, and then you gotta figure out how to figure out… gotta figure out how you gotta figure out… you gotta feel your way to it and it’s on the path of least resistance, it’s not on the path of hardship, it’s not on the path of struggle, it’s not on the path of determination or effort, it’s not on the path of motivation, it’s on the path of inspiration, you gotta tune into the path, you see… to the path of inspiration.
So, we have some questions for you, we asked you some earlier, you were quiet about it, we want you to be more bold in your response now.
Do you believe in infinite intelligence?
Audience: Yes
Abraham: And do you believe in infinite abundance?
Audience: Yes
Abraham: And do you believe that you’ve carved out a path of abundance for yourself?
Audience: Yes
Abraham: Do you understand that your Vortex holds that path?
Audience: Yes
Abraham: Do you believe that the path will be inspired to you?
Audience: Yes
Abraham: Do you think you’ll get there with worry?
Audience: No
Abraham: How are you gonna get there?
How are you gonna find the trail?
How are you gonna find that path?
You’re gonna worry your way to it?
You’re gonna struggle your way to it?
You’re gonna take courses on how to find, on what does the world want?
Yeah, this graduating class needs to be really good at this because someone has prophesied that there’s gonna be a lot of that wanted later… you want to do that? No… do you want to do that? No… well you better want to do that because that’s where all the money’s going to be later, so you better figure out how to get good at doing something that you don’t want to do because that’s where the economy is going ahhhhh…..ahhhh…..

What do you wanna do? What you wanna do?
You’ve lived long enough, none of you were born yesterday
What do you wanna do? What do you like to do?
Do you believe that you can serve doing something that’s fun to do?
Audience: Yes
Do you believe that you can find satisfaction in what you do?
Audience: Yes
Do you believe that you know what some of those things are?
Do you believe that they’re cued up in your vortex already?
Do believe that there’s a path already laid out for you that you’re just reaching for the inspiration to?
Yeah …yeah…
So how do you find that path? This is the question of all questions.
How you find the path? Think about it …
Singing: dudu dudu dudu dudu dududududududu
How do you find the path?
Singing: dudu dudu dudu dudu dudududu
You don’t find the path, the path finds you. It’s an inspired path, it’s not a motivated path. The path will find you, but you gotta stay in that general place, you gotta be in that place, you’ve got a highlight within you what matters to you: I like freedom and I like fun, and I like inspiration like great ideas, and I like being a value, and I like sniffing out the trail, and I like following the trail and I like where the trail leads.
The path will find you, you’ve just gotta do the wobble free work, you see…The path will find you.
Guest: There is somebody at the Cancun retreat had said that a brother-in-law that he didn’t know existed, gave him an enormous amount of money, just appeared in the universe, something he had no expected at all
Abraham: It’s like that, it’s just like that…
Guest: I’m curious if this is like an advanced level…
Abraham: Yeah you all have huge inheritances, you do… huge inheritances, you just gotta put yourself in the place receiving the inheritances. Sometimes the inheritance comes in the form of money deposited right to your account …you all think…yeah that’s the method I choose …
(Audience laughter)
But sometimes it comes in the form have an idea, sometimes it comes in the form of a collective experience with others and depending upon who you are and what you want it will satisfy all of those things, you see…
You think that you would like a big pile of money to descend on you, and for a while it would be fun because you do the things that you haven’t been doing that you feel that you need the money in order to do, but it would not be a long-lasting satisfying experience because it’s not the clump of money that you’re reaching for, it’s the flow of money. It’s not the destination that you’re reaching for it’s the reason to go on the journey, and so when we said the path will find you, the path has already found you it’s just an eternally unfolding path, it will continue to surprise and delight you, you see…

You just gotta decide that you wanna feel good and you wanna have fun in what matters to you is this this this this.
Esther will say it what matters to me, Esther says every day,
“what matters to me is clarity” because that means alignment
And then she’ll say “and fun” because clarity is fun, clarity is fun;
That’s what matters fun and clarity
That’s all I need just fun and clarity, that’s all I need and friends
Fun and clarity and friends that all I need
Fun and clarity and friends, friends to have fun with and friends to experience clarity with, that’s all I need
It’s just fun and clarity and friends and places to go with my friends
And clarity and friends and places to go with my friends
Fun and clarity and friends and places to go with my friends and really good food
Fun and clarity and friends and places to go with my friends where there’s really good food
That’s all I need.
And on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on it goes.
It occurred to Esther the other day, she’s sitting and writing and journaling and sketching and drawing focus wheels and thrilling herself with clarity and feeling appreciation for that and that and that and that, she got such momentum for appreciation going and then she suddenly began thinking of all the things that had led to all the things that he was feeling appreciation for and the list just went on and on, she just sort of feeling the background of all of it and realizing that all of that is now in her background was in the foreground for someone at some time, it was someone‘s leading edge and now it’s the background for her now, it’s the basis for her where she stands in her leading edge. But everyone has always been looking forward it occurred to her, they’ve all been looking forward and everything that has been before is all pointed toward where I am now and suddenly she felt herself at the pinnacle, at the point, at the receiving end of this huge funnel of well-being; every thing that ever happened before it felt like it all had happened for the benefit of her standing right here, right now …all of it, everything everyone had ever thought, everything that everyone had ever wanted, every road that had ever been built, every FedEx truck that would ever gotten on the road to bring her something that she just ordered from Amazon yesterday.
In other words, everything in all of the universe felt as if it existed for this moment in time, for this leading-edge being-ness, for this culmination of who she is right here, right now and you know what… she’s right, but she as figured that out… Now she’s standing in a place of worthiness like she has never stood in before:
“All of this for me?
All of these thoughts for me?
All of this benefit for me?
All of this transportation, all of this economics, all of this industry, all of this technology, all of this for me?
All this for the benefit of what I see here and here and here and here and here?”
When you stand in that place of appreciation of what is available to you because of all that has come before, but you focus forward which is the only place that you can focus, you’ll discover that it is the new idea that is the richness of this promise of creation that you’ve come for, not the accumulation of what others have accomplished, but the inspiration of the new idea because it’s the hatching of what’s new that we all live for, you see… we are eternal beings and it’s that new hatching the gives you goose bumps… always …the new hatching.
So sometimes it feels to you like you are the receiver of that which is us and we say those goose bumps are us, but it’s your new found receiving place of that vibration that makes you feel the way you do, it’s that breaking loose into the new place, always a new place, always a new place, always a new place, always a new place, more to live, more to love, more to know, more to taste, more to feel, more to see, more to smell, more to hear, more to experience, more to live.
That’s the abundance that is yours, that’s the inheritance that’s there for you and you stand at the point of it, you stand at the point all of that ready to receive it and the question is: “Are you ready? Are you ready? Do you really love yourself and practice that? How mad have you been at others? That blocks what flows to you. How allowing are you of others? Because that opens what flows to you. How much do you love life? Because that’s what opens to you, you see…Yeah.”

Abraham Hicks
Asheville, NC, 2014.05.03
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