In response to the guest’s question regarding this being the time of awakening: Does the “awakening” mean that more individuals will be blended beings?

“The thing that will keep you from blending more than all other things is you noticing others who are not blending and believing somehow that they need to in order for this to be the time of awakening.
When you set your alarm do you want everybody to wake up or is it just you?
Nothing trips you up more than bringing all the other conditions in and pilling them on, all of those other conditions that you have no possibility of ever controlling and then you hold yourself in opposition to who you really are and then you need them to be different.
“You guys need to wake up, this is the time of awakening,
Hey, hey, hey, hey, time of awakening,
Everybody wake up, wake up, wake up”
Everybody’s awake WHO wants to be awake.
In other words, we are all awake, we are all awake, we are all always awake, we are all always awake, we are awake, we are awake, we are awake and we have so many good ideas about what you’re up to. We’re so awake and we’re so on your side and we’re so on your team and we’re so readily available, 24/7 like room service in the hotel, always there, always there.”

Abraham Hicks, London, UK 09/20/2014

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