Be easy this


 “Be easy about this. Make peace with where you are. Look for reasons to appreciate your life and those around you, and, most of all, yourself. And coach yourself into more and more conscious alignment with emotions that feel good to you. Understand that wherever you are is all right and subject to improvement… But don’t let the crevasse between where you are and the improvement you seek set you off balance so much that you lose sight of the direction that you are going. Let the emotions that are within you guide you, and don’t lose track of what you want. Say to yourself on a regular basis, “I am such a good person, and I came forth with such clear intent. And it is so satisfying to see my life unfold in the way that I have intended before I even got into this physical body. And I am loving so much getting to put my two cents worth in from here.”
I am the creator of my own experience, and Universal Forces, God, and All-That-Is will assist me in accomplishing anything that I desire. There are no limits for me! Say it often, and let it be your experience.
There is great love here for you. We are complete.”

Abraham Hicks, Closing words West Los Angeles, CA 03/06/05

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