You can soothe yourself


“…In time you’ll discover that you can soothe yourself, and when you’ve discovered that you can soothe yourself, now you’ve got the key to everything because soothing yourself is releasing resistance.
Soothing yourself is practicing the art of allowing. And every time you change the way you feel the slightest little bit, the slightest little soothing shifts you vibrationally to a whole new channel. Do
you see how little you have to shift your radio dial to get a whole new set of music? Or a whole new [kind] of discussion? In other words, it does not take very much shift in the frequency to tap into
something entirely different than what you’ve been attracting, you see.

So it’s really worth making the effort to soothe yourself, because as you soothe yourself your vibration shifts, your point of attraction shifts, and then it gets easier and easier and easier and easier.
Not only because the Universe is delivering to you better feeling stuff, but because you gain the confidence with every shift that it’s going to be all right and that you can feel good under any and all conditions.”
Abraham Hicks, Boston, MA 10/2/04

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