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Make things happen

“It is our wanting that you come to a clearer understanding of what is really making things happen in your experience. And in order to be very clear about that it is necessary that you leave behind many of the old beliefs, such as: “Action is what makes a difference[…] Read More →

The way to manifest

“Anytime you find yourself feeling a little bit of confusion, start from the inside out: “How do I want to feel?” and “what is it that I want to have?” and then from that will come the ideas that will lead you appropriately. You see, what you’re forgetting is that[…] Read More →

Lighten up

“Our dominant desire for you is that you lighten up in all of this, that you be more playful about it and that you let your dominant intention be to reach for thoughts that feel good. Let your awareness of how you feel be your guiding light, because your mood[…] Read More →

The more you flow out, the more flows in

“Do you understand that it doesn’t matter how much of anything you have amassed, you have amassed a veritable fortune of vibrational currency which you are planning to tap into in these days and planning to spend for the rest of your life? Do you know that when you understand[…] Read More →

Avenues to prosperity – part 2

“Abraham: “As much money is coming to you (we’re saying money), financial abundance is coming to you as you are asking for and allowing. But what’s interesting, as in our earlier conversation, you’re motivating yourself to the asking rather than inspiring yourself to the asking, so it’s not a clear[…] Read More →

Avenues to prosperity – Part 1

“Guest: So, I’d like to continue some other stuff that we talked about this morning and particularly interested in prosperity, receptivity and doing. I have a tendency, I think, to go into the doing aspect. Abraham: Yeah you do … haa haa haa… it’s alright, you wanna do. Doing is[…] Read More →

You can only orchestrate harmony with YOU

“You cannot orchestrate harmony with another. You can only orchestrate harmony with YOU.”Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

It’s all the winking along the way

“The fun in life is identifying the desire and molding yourself in harmony with it and then watching the Universe winking at you all along the way. And it isn’t the outcome that you want anyway; it’s all the winking along the way.”Abraham Hicks, San Diego, CA February 8, 2014

You can BE or DO or HAVE anything that you choose

“If there were ever a way for you to understand that Source exists, it must be in your emotional awareness because if there were not someone keenly interested in you and holding a vibrational frequency about you, then you could think anything you want and you would feel no vibrational[…] Read More →

Overcoming habits that inhibit abundance 

“Guest: Well, first of all, welcome to the heart of America. It’s great to have you here. Abraham: Welcome to the heart of the heart of America. (Fun!)  Guest: My first question, is overcoming habits that inhibit abundance. And, for instance, it’s all centered around abundance. And little things lighter too.[…] Read More →