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Prepare yourself for what you HAVE NOT

“You’re trying too hard when you’re trying to move yourself from the NOT HAVING to the HAVING, instead of preparing yourself for THE HAVING by acknowledging what you ALREADY have. (…) The best way to prepare yourself for what you HAVE NOT yet is by acknowledging what you HAVE. It’s the vibration[…] Read More →

Be in the place of Loving self

“There’s NOTHING serious going on hereThe world will ENTERTAIN you, It will SUPPORT you,It will SOOTH you, It will DEMONSTRATE your worthiness to you, You just have to get into the vicinity of it and, Once you get in the vibrational vicinity of that […] When you think deliberately and then you see[…] Read More →

Finding prosperity vibration – Part 2

FINDING PROSPERITY VIBRATION – Part 2 Guest: You know, what happens… I feel prosperous, happy and I’m like…ohhh…yeah… I’m in there and I’m good and it’s, everything’s good and … Abraham: To what point? Guest: And then I see a price, which is like woo hoo…and I go like: “I[…] Read More →

Finding prosperity vibration – Part 1

FINDING PROSPERITY VIBRATION – Part 1GUEST: Okay, prosperity. We talked about prosperity yesterday. I know I’m on my way to great prosperity, I just know that.Abraham: Alright. We are going to play together. So if you know that you are on your way, then you also know you’re not there. GUEST:[…] Read More →

Rampage for creating money

RAMPAGE FOR CREATING MONEYQ: I am not ready for receiving in a shorter time …A: Aaarrrgghhhh…Q; Okay alrightA: It’s alright, it’s alright you can’t get this wrong but we are going to play with you because shorter time is focused right on what’s not happening, so you already got a[…] Read More →

Nobody can put anything in your pie

“Nobody can put anything in your pie unless you observe what they’re putting in their pie. And when you observe what they’re putting in their pie, now you’re a vibrational match to what they’re putting in their pie, and now you’re putting it in your pie. And now you’re blaming[…] Read More →

You are the owner of all that you perceive

“You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can’t perceive apart from your vibration. FEEL your way, little by little, into a greater sense of abundance – by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.”Abraham Hicks

Wasted natural resources

WASTED NATURAL RESOURCES Q: I wish you would address the question of waste. I have spent probably the last 30 years of my life trying to simplify my life, recycling everything, doing my duty in this fashion, and I have pretty much, as you already know, made myself an enemy[…] Read More →

Universe to fulfill my desires

“The Universe has the ability to fulfill my desires to the degree I can perceive.” Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 04/02/04

Money rampage

“I know…damn it…that I, that I have the knowledge and the legacy and the ability to live a joyful life without beating my brains out and I don’t think that I should have to do so many things that I don’t want to do in order to eke out a living[…] Read More →