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Nothing has gone wrong

“When you stop trying to make something have gone wrong – which means you’ve gotta place the blame on that one or this one, and in either case that just separates you from who you are – so if you could embrace today the very clear understanding that we hold,[…] Read More →


“The fact that the DESIRE exists within you means that, in large part, it has been accomplished” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach, 2/15/14

It doesn't matter how much things cost

Guest: My next question is about the price of gas in the United States. It’s at its highest point historically, and I’m wondering what those of us who are Conscious Deliberate Creators and are on the Leading Edge can do to find the positive aspects in that, to feel good[…] Read More →

Loving me enough to let the abundance flow

Hear this – oh, you’re gonna like this. In the same way that it wasn’t thinking about cancer that made you sick. It was worrying about this and this and this and this and thisand this and this and this and this in a stream that’s moving really fast, that made you[…] Read More →

Inspired spending

“Inspired spending opens the door for more things to come in”. Abraham Hicks, Long Beach, 02/15 2014

You earn vibrationally

“It is not possible to earn anything. It is all vibrational” Abraham Hicks [tube][/tube]

Abundance flows to you at all times

¨Abundance of wellness, abundance of Energy, abundance of enthusiasm, abundance of joy, abundance of all that is desired flows to you at all times—unless it is artificially disrupted or prevented.¨ Abraham—10/6/96

Feel the entire Universe flow-ing with your Desire

“Oh, friends, it is so exciting once you begin to feel the deliberateness of flow-ing energy. You think it’s fun to be strong enough that you can pick a lot of things up and move them around. WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN FEEL THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE FLOW-ING WITH YOUR DESIRE.” Abraham[…] Read More →

In the moment you ask it is given

“Do you know that in the moment you say, “I prefer” or “I like”or “I appreciate” or “I want” ANYTHING in that moment, the heavens literally part for you and the nonphysical energies in that instant begin orchestrating the manifestation of your desire, IN THAT INSTANT. Faster than you can[…] Read More →

You have the Universe at your back

“You are powerful creators You have the Universe at your back You get whatever you desire as long as you are in vibrational sync with what you desire You cannot be riving in the absence of it and asking for it and get it. You have to be basking in[…] Read More →