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Stop giving the blame to the circumstances

“It’s time to stop giving the blame to the circumstances that you can’t control for the way you feel when there is so much about the way you feel that you can control.” Abraham Hicks, 01/10/2015, San Diego, CA

Imagine it better

“Once you envision something and the Universal forces come into play to help you in the creation of it, there’s never again going to be enough action for you to keep up with it. You can’t use the Energy that creates worlds to create a situation and then find the action[…] Read More →

Receiving inspiration from transitioned relatives

Receiving inspiration from relatives transitioned into non-physical “When those (inspired) thoughts come to you, it’s not only because someone is thinking them and you are picking on them…that’s for sure happening, but the TIMING of it is really really important cause he’s presenting that thought to you in a precise[…] Read More →

What your gut is telling you

“When you get in concert with that Well-being that flows — then, what other people say becomes very meaningless. You know what your gut is telling you, and you’re not upside down, and all around, trying to fit into everybody else’s itinerary” Abraham-Hicks 12/1/01 — Tallahassee, FL posted by Eternal-joy[…] Read More →

Look for reasons to feel good

“We can’t be louder, you gotta listen better. It’s not about us increasing volume or intensity, it would blow you up. It’s about you just tweaking and the way you do that is by looking for reasons to feel good about everything, Don’t start with your parents, that’s too hard.[…] Read More →

You're alright

“Your singular work is to make as certain as you can at any moment in time, that you’re ALRIGHT, that you’re alright. However you have to work it around in your mind to make yourself alright, then the ideas start flowing, and the fun starts happening, because the expansion is[…] Read More →

Pointing out what is missing…

“When you’re pointing out what’s missing from your life that you want, you keep what’s missing active in your vibration and you prevent it from coming” Abraham Hicks, Phoenix AZ 12/06/2014

It's not their job to get you

“When you have found alignment with Source When you have found the perfection of the personal blending with Who-You-Are, Looking for it in a conversation with a friend, is going back, Trying to find somebody that gets you, is going back, It’s not their job to get YOU, it’s their[…] Read More →

Blended with Who-You-Really-Are

“When you are in alignment, you are blended with Who-You-Really-Are, and that’s opposite of lonely.” Abraham Hicks, Atlanta GA 11/08/2014

My awareness of resistance

“Next time you feel any discomfort… stop in the middle of it and say to yourself, “This discomfort that I’m feeling is nothing more than my own awareness of resistance. Time for me to relax and breathe. Relax and breathe. Relax and breathe.” And you can, in seconds, bring yourself[…] Read More →