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Creative solutions

“You cannot prepare for all eventualities, and when you believe that is your work, you cut yourself off from inspired creative solutions.” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

Your alignment

“Consider your alignment and spend no time paying any attention to what your alignment produces or doesn’t produce in others”Abraham Hicks, Los Angeles 07/26/2014

Repeating a pattern

“Your observation of the conditions that exist now are the reason that you keep repeating a pattern that holds away the things you want. It really is that simple.You gotta change the way you look at things, you gotta reorient yourself, you gotta become more vibrational interfacing, you gotta trust the way you[…] Read More →

Live unconditionally

“You have to become someone who wants to live unconditionally. It’s the only way you will ever be free”Abraham HicksLos Angeles, CA, 07/26/14

What anyone thinks of you is none of your business

“What anyone thinks of you is none of your business. Don’t make it your business” Abraham Hicks

It’s all the winking along the way

“The fun in life is identifying the desire and molding yourself in harmony with it and then watching the Universe winking at you all along the way. And it isn’t the outcome that you want anyway; it’s all the winking along the way.”Abraham Hicks, San Diego, CA February 8, 2014

Let your old beliefs fade

“Let your old beliefs fade through lack of attention.” Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

Do you want to feel love or hate?

“Do you want to feel love or hate? That is the only thing you need to ask yourself.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

In the wanting of what is…

“In the wanting more of WHAT IS there is a vibrational flipping because you’re calling yourself attention to WHAT’S MISSING in the WHAT IS.”Abraham Hicks, Chicago IL 06/14/14

Feel that feeling of unlimited-ness

“Law of attraction is your very best friend and when you go with the flow of these Universal energies, you will feel your full empowerment. What fun it is to be physically focused and have the energy that creates worlds flowing through your focus to assist you in the accomplishment,[…] Read More →