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There is no entitlement

“There is a sort of feeling of entitlement that often comes from a sophisticated world or from those who are accustomed to receiving from you. In the beginning, when you are new to them their feelings of entitlement are not so great (that’s the same thing that happened with the[…] Read More →

Don't fixate on conditions

“The less conditional you are, the more willing you are to not spend so much time fixating on conditions needing to be a certain way” Abraham Hicks, Canary Islands Cruise 09/21/2014

Don't continue to decide

“You’ve already decided what you want and continuing to decide holds you away from the realization of what you’ve already decided” Abraham Hicks, Canary Islands Cruise 09/21/2014

Feeling good

“Feeling good about where you are is the fastest path to even greater improvement.” Abraham Hicks

Give the mood you would like that person to have

“Take a look at your favorite person. Give that person the mood you would like that person to have. Make that person playful. Make that person beautiful. Make that person happy. Make that person in perfect vibrational harmony with you. And, together, go someplace you know the two of you[…] Read More →

You cannot reconcile your reality of you with somebody else's

“You all think you need to reconcile the reality of you with somebody else’s picture of you . That’s so screwy. You can never ever do that. You can’t reconcile somebody else’s relationship with their Vortex. Did you get that? That was big. You can only reconcile your relationship with[…] Read More →

Enhance your receptivity

“100% of your work is to enhance your receptivity. That’s it. Enhance your receptivity, which means: be as happy as you can be, be as rested as you can be, be having as much fun as you can have, feel as good as you can feel, you’re wanting to enhance[…] Read More →

"Pay the price"

“You gotta care so much about feeling good that you’re willing to “pay the price” of feeling good. You have to care enough about feeling good that you are willing to use your emotions to help you in the choice of thought. And that’s what deliberate creation is.” Abraham Hicks,[…] Read More →

Finding alignment

“When you find alignment, you’re happy by yourself, When you find alignment, you’re happy when you’re with others, When you find alignment, there’s an unconditional happiness, you don’t need people to behave or perform in a certain way in order for you to feel good. You just feel good, because[…] Read More →

Your opinion of you…

“The world is reflecting back to you exactly what your opinion of YOU is.” Abraham Hicks, Atlanta GA 11/08/2014