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Fun all the time

“Once you have emotional control, you will be having fun all the time.” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

Trying to fix it out

“When you are trying to fix it out there in the conditions usually you don’t make it better, you make it worse. And you can tell you’re making it worse because you’re feeling effort, you’re trying harder, you’re working harder, you’re making more phone calls, you’re feeling more frustrated, you’re[…] Read More →

Let your old beliefs fade

“Let your old beliefs fade through lack of attention.” Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

Rise to the frequency of your own creation

 “If you don’t RISE to the frequency of your own creation, you cannot REALIZE your own creation. Are you hearing this? You have launched so many creations, but you hold yourself apart from them. And why? Because you examine what is already manifested and what is already manifested doesn’t include the new stuff.[…] Read More →

"I'm becoming a vibrational snob"

Esther said: “I’m becoming a vibrational snob; I’m not willing to entertain those thoughts that don’t feel good. That’s who I used to be, that’s who I have been; been there, done that; not doing that anymore. Now I’m vibrationally centered and the world is my oyster. Everything that I[…] Read More →

There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped

“There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped if you start at the heart of it, which is emotional every time. There is not one of you who have a negative emotion that within 2 minutes or about, you couldn’t change to a positive emotion if you would let[…] Read More →

An answer to a woman fighting a legal law suit

An answer to a woman fighting a legal law suitYou can’t ever gain your assurance; you cannot ever find your balance by reaching for it from the outside. In other words, it’s out there, you cannot win a legal battle, don’t fight it on those terms. What you’re wanting to[…] Read More →

Find a little piece of it

“Anything that you are wanting: don’t stand in the lack of it and lament that it isn’t there and expect it to come to you. IT CANNOT.Find a little piece of it, a little string of it, a little trail of it, a little clue of it – look for[…] Read More →

When you choose upstream, it never works for you

“When you’d rather be right than feel good, you’re often choosing upstream rather than downstream. And when you choose upstream, it never works for you”Abraham Hicks, Kansas City 09/13/2006

Don't wobble

“When you’re standing in a STABLE PLACE, you just DON’t WOBBLE” Abraham Hicks, Stamford, CT 05/24/2014