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Think from the inside out

“We ask you to translate vibration through your emotions rather than through your mind. We’re asking you to care about how you feel, to feel your way to a thought. We’re asking you to find vibrational alignment with who you really are and then think. Yeah, that’s it. That’s what[…] Read More →

Realization of the path makes life sweet

“It’s the REALIZATION of the path that makes life so sweet” Abraham Hicks, Cancun Land Cruise 2014

Clear path to least resistance

“The reason we want you to have a clear path of least resistance is because that’s the path that’s fun, that’s the path that’s open, that’s the path that’s delightful, that’s the path that’s delicious,  that’s the path that feels good, that’s where you are at your sharpest, that’s when you feel your best,[…] Read More →

Line up energy and then take action

“Line up the Energy and then take action. Line up the Energy and then take action. Line up the Energy and then take action and the Universe responds powerfully to your Energy.”Abraham Hicks

The Universe is asking you for your SIGNAL

“Do you believe the desire you hold is a signal? Do you believe the Universe is responding to that signal? Feel the freshness and purity of that! It’s just ME and MY SIGNAL! Where I came from doesn’t matter. How I came to this desire doesn’t matter. Where I lived[…] Read More →

How do we explain Abraham Teachings to kids

Guest: So, everything that has been said today, I just wanna know how to do that with kids. (laugh) Abraham: Just leave them alone, because they already know it. The thing that causes the most disruption in parent – child relationship is your belief that you have something in their[…] Read More →

Nothing has gone wrong

“When you stop trying to make something have gone wrong – which means you’ve gotta place the blame on that one or this one, and in either case that just separates you from who you are – so if you could embrace today the very clear understanding that we hold,[…] Read More →

The Source within you loves your enemies

“We know physical Beings don’t like to hear it when we say, the Source within you loves your enemies, because you are so determined that you are justified in your not loving of them. But we want you to understand that when you are not loving someone that who-you-really-are is[…] Read More →

Abraham Hicks, Day 2 Seminar SEDONA AZ quotes

“It is our promise to you that it is always getting eternally better than this” Abraham Hicks, Sedona, AZ, 03/16/14   *** “Money represents freedom, it doesn’t determine it” Abraham Hicks, Sedona, AZ, 03/16/14   *** “I now understand that the training that now matters is the training of my[…] Read More →

Abraham Hicks LiveStream Quotes from Sedona, AZ, 03/15/14

Thanks for Esmée La Fleur for all transcriptions of Sedona, AZ ”We wil never say something has gone wrong, you’re just not tending to your vibration”, Abraham Hicks, Sedona, AZ, 03/15/14 *** “Negative emotion is not a bad thing, it is a clarifying thing. Death is not a bad thing, it is[…] Read More →