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Emotional Journey

“There are so many circumstances and events that you try to change, which you have no power to change. But when you understand that instead of trying to take that long, slow, convoluted, very hard, very difficult, very tedious Action Journey, if you would decide to take an Emotional Journey…[…] Read More →

Be willing to think positive things

“We would like you to reach the place where you’re not willing to listen to people criticize one another… where you take no satisfaction from somebody being wrong… where it matters to you so much that you feel good, that you are only willing to think positive things about people… you are only willing to[…] Read More →

Reach for the thought that feels better

“Remember that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, it’s just a habit of thought. It’s just sort of the way you’ve always thought it, and so it is the way you are now thinking it. And so, as you are feeling fear, all it means is, “I’ve[…] Read More →

Taking action before feeling better

“I get it now, that to try to take action and make something happen before I’ve really gotten myself into a better feeling place is counterproductive”Abraham Hicks quote from the video [tube][/tube]

Please others

“In the moment that it is important to you that you please your mother, or that you please your teacher, or that you please your government, or that you please those in power, the moment that it becomes more important to you that you please something outside of you, you[…] Read More →

Creating a vibration that puts you in jeopardy

“Any time you are defensive or vulnerable, you are creating a vibration that puts you in jeopardy”Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

Fun all the time

“Once you have emotional control, you will be having fun all the time.” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

Vibrational proximity

“Until you get your vibrational proximity figured out, you cannot realize what you want in your physical proximity.” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

You have access to infinite intelligence

“You have access to infinite intelligence. If you’re working on a project, call Steve Jobs, he wants to play. In other words, you have access to infinite intelligence, that’s brilliant, but before you are able to realize they’re playing with you, you gotta stop making yourself deficient in comparison with[…] Read More →

Trying to fix it out

“When you are trying to fix it out there in the conditions usually you don’t make it better, you make it worse. And you can tell you’re making it worse because you’re feeling effort, you’re trying harder, you’re working harder, you’re making more phone calls, you’re feeling more frustrated, you’re[…] Read More →