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While you are sleeping there's no resistance

“Since while you’re sleeping there’s not resistance, you are not tensing against conditions and pretending things are different than they are. Think about it, we’ve been talking a lot lately about unconditional love. Most people don’t have a clue of what that even means, they think it means just put up[…] Read More →

Feeling good is feeling good

“Feeling good is feeling goodFeeling good is somehow, someway feeling goodThe ultimate feeling good is feeling like the Source within you feels right now about the same thing that you’re thinking about, because in every moment Source is thinking about what you’re thinking about right now while you’re thinking about[…] Read More →

Adjust your vibration by reaching for the feeling

“You don’t have to figure it all out, just find some touchstone that always feels good to you when you think about it and use it as your reason to feel good right NOW Adjust your vibration by reaching for the feeling” Abraham Hicks, Philadelphia, PA 05/31/2014

Find a little piece of it

“Anything that you are wanting: don’t stand in the lack of it and lament that it isn’t there and expect it to come to you. IT CANNOT.Find a little piece of it, a little string of it, a little trail of it, a little clue of it – look for[…] Read More →

Realization of the path makes life sweet

“It’s the REALIZATION of the path that makes life so sweet” Abraham Hicks, Cancun Land Cruise 2014

Feel emotion when you speak

 “From our perspective, there is a very great difference between that which now exists—which you call your “reality’— and that which your reality really is.Even if you sit in a body that is not healthy or in a body that is not the size, shape, or vitality, that you choose;[…] Read More →

I love the feeling of oneness

“I love feeling the oneness of all of us. I love knowing that there is this one Source Energy and that we are all a part of that.I love loving everyone. I love being in the place that I can look at others and adore that which they are.”Abraham HicksMEDITERRANEAN[…] Read More →

Only those in alignment would come to you

“When you are in alignment with who you are, only those who are in alignment with who they are will come under your radar.” Abraham Hicks, San Antonio, TX, 04/19/14

Be joyful

“We wish every moment of your experience to be joyful like it is for us. We want you to look around your world and not worry, but to revel in its beauty. We want you to look around your own life and not worry, but to revel, in its magnificence.[…] Read More →

Emotion is a manifestation

“Emotion is a manifestation, a manifestation that is indicating that your frequency is where you wanted to be and if you could be pleased with that right HERE, right NOW. I have accomplished the manifestation of emotion, I haven’t accomplished the manifestation of the lottery yet, I haven’t accomplished the[…] Read More →