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As you think, you feel

“The way you feel, as you think, you FEEL. As you feel, you ooze or radiate. And as you ooze or radiate, you attract right out of the other more of the same, you see…So very often, what you get from the other is exactly what you’re feeling. No matter[…] Read More →

Feeling good

“When you feel good, whatever you are doing feels good. Don’t ask what you’re doing to be the reason that you feel good.” Abraham Hicks Sacramento, CA 01/31/2015 Fashion jewelry for all occasions iphone 6 screen replacement The less fortunate would wear pawned clothing or homemade items Kim Kardashian pregnancy[…] Read More →

How you feel…

“You cannot lose by caring about how you feel and you cannot win by paying no attention to how you feel.” Sacramento, CA 01/31/2015 Christian Louboutin Pumps Almond Toe brilliant and unpredictable How to Make a Flasher Costume kamagramix and in my opinion are fashion must haves for spring[…] Read More →

Don't beat up on yourself

“The way you get away from a negative feeling is by acknowledging that it is a GOOD THING THAT YOU HAVE IT. Don’t beat up on yourself “Oh, I shouldn’t be feeling this way”; instead acknowledge how VALUABLE it is that you have been alerted to the fact that there[…] Read More →

Is none of your business what anybody else is doing

“There’s this impossible thing that you do when you’re trying to figure out what you should do based upon what others are doing and the reason it doesn’t work is because, we love you so much, is none of your business what anybody else is doing. There’s no vibrational connection[…] Read More →

See yourself feeling great

“Get your Energy flowing toward what you want, and feel the success. Teleport yourself into your future and see yourself feeling great.” -Abraham 09/04/1994

Focus on what feels good

“I don’t focus on it because it makes me feel bad and I don’t want to feel bad and so I don’t focus on it”. That’s the secret to the path of least resistance. That’s the secret to lining up with Who You Are. That’s the secret to moving towards[…] Read More →

There is no entitlement

“There is a sort of feeling of entitlement that often comes from a sophisticated world or from those who are accustomed to receiving from you. In the beginning, when you are new to them their feelings of entitlement are not so great (that’s the same thing that happened with the[…] Read More →

Feeling good

“Feeling good about where you are is the fastest path to even greater improvement.” Abraham Hicks

Feel your guidance

“As you are deciphering guidance and learning to feel your guidance, isn’t an inclination to go this way the same thing as an inclination not to go that way?” You are always receiving guidance about how to proceed; you’re not receiving guidance about what to block or what to stop”[…] Read More →