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Only those in alignment would come to you

“When you are in alignment with who you are, only those who are in alignment with who they are will come under your radar.” Abraham Hicks, San Antonio, TX, 04/19/14

Direct your thoughts to INDUCE the feeling response

“We want you to decide that you are going to direct the thoughts in order to INDUCE the feeling response. In other words, you are the MAKER of the feeling of relief. You’re no longer asking for the economy to be the maker of the feeling of relief, or somebody[…] Read More →

You are Leading Edge of the Universe

“You are physically focused beings who are Source Energy, instead of physically focused beings. You are the Leading Edge of the Universe and, in your physical bodies, you are beacons who will lead millions of others who want what you have, but don’t know what you know. You have no[…] Read More →

Enlist the help of non-physical energies

“If a person’s momentum is: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore If a person’s momentum is : somebody needs to do something about this and I don’t like the way it’s going and you lay over that momentum appreciation and wellbeing, can’t you see[…] Read More →

I will merge with the whole of that which I am

You say, “I will merge with the whole of that which I am, a little bit here and a little bit here, but it is my quest. And in doing so, I will learn, and I will study, and I will practice, and I will become, I will be a[…] Read More →

Will I know next time I'm born?

WILL I KNOW NEXT TIME I’M BORN? Q: Thank you for everything. When you become aware of the interrelationship of the Nonphysical you and the physical you in your lifetime, will you have an automatic awareness of this interrelationship in succeeding lifetime? A: Well, from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, it[…] Read More →

As you look for evidence of anything, you create it

“As you start looking for evidence of decline, it is our promise to you you will find it, not because it was there for you to discover, but because in your searching for it, you create it.” Abraham Hicks, Sedona March 16th, 2014

Embrace contrast as your friend

“Embrace contrast as your friend, not your enemy. It’s not going away” Abraham Hicks, Albuquerque 3/22/2014

How do we explain Abraham Teachings to kids

Guest: So, everything that has been said today, I just wanna know how to do that with kids. (laugh) Abraham: Just leave them alone, because they already know it. The thing that causes the most disruption in parent – child relationship is your belief that you have something in their[…] Read More →

Focus on the essence of what you want

“If you’re focused upon the essence of what you want, you’re open to every possibility that could satisfy that essence” Abraham Hicks, Sedona March 15th,2014