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Focusing energy

Focus is interesting… When we talk about focus, we’re talking about focusing energy. And most people when they talk about focus are talking about focusing thought. When you focus for the point of feeling, the thought takes care of itself. Abraham Hicks, San Antonio, 4/23/05

You are the only one who can shoot yourself in the foot

“Nothing outside of you ever keeps you from anything that you want. There’s no outside influence that is as strong as your energy flow. There is no outside circumstance, there is no outside force. There is nothing in all of the Universe that is affecting your experience other than the[…] Read More →

My life is so good

“Rampaging into a Step 4 moment: I am so joyful I feel so good My life is so good There is so much evidence of this wellbeing There is nothing serious going on here I haven’t gotten a thing in the world to worry about This is co creation at[…] Read More →

No one else can think your thought

“What could be more free than a reality that is based on thought and you are the only one that can control your thought. Wake up in the morning and make peace with your day. No one else can think your thought, that’s true FREEDOM” Abraham Hicks, 07th of December[…] Read More →

You’re dealing your own hand

“You know people that run around as victims and don’t they always have a problem? Doesn’t the world treat them badly? And don’t you want to say to them: You’re not making this stuff up, I don’t blame you for feeling bad about that that happened or that that happened[…] Read More →

Love is the basis of your world

“We want you to know that love is the basis of your world and it is present in everything that allows it, you see. And just because there is a particle of someone, somewhere, something that isn’t allowing it, does not mean that it is not the pervasive BASIS of[…] Read More →

I’ve fallen out of an airplane

“If you should find yourself not on a high-flying Disc, that’s not the time to try and claw your way up. It really isn’t. It’s like you say to us, “Abraham, I’ve fallen out of an airplane and I have no parachute, what should I do now?” And we say,[…] Read More →

Compassion is aligning

“Compassion is aligning, is having empathy with the source within you and THEN looking at the situation. So you take your alignment into the situation. Compassion is finding the highest frequency and then looking, and YOU changing the vibration of what you’re giving the attention to because you’ve taken the[…] Read More →

Getting all attached

“You all get in your BODIES, and you get all attached to your LIFE; you get attached to the OTHER PEOPLE; you get attached to your PROGRESS; you get attached to your ENLIGHTMENT. And then you say: “Oh, I banged around unenlightened all those years, and then I got enlightened.[…] Read More →

Let good stuff in

“You are just a few laughs away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in. You are just a few kisses away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in. You are just a little bit of relief away from letting a whole lot of good stuff in.”[…] Read More →