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"Pay the price"

“You gotta care so much about feeling good that you’re willing to “pay the price” of feeling good. You have to care enough about feeling good that you are willing to use your emotions to help you in the choice of thought. And that’s what deliberate creation is.” Abraham Hicks,[…] Read More →

Finding alignment

“When you find alignment, you’re happy by yourself, When you find alignment, you’re happy when you’re with others, When you find alignment, there’s an unconditional happiness, you don’t need people to behave or perform in a certain way in order for you to feel good. You just feel good, because[…] Read More →

Follow the joy

“Now the gap between vibrationally becoming it and manifestationally becoming it – that gap has only to do with how long it takes you to get happy in the absence of the manifestation – in other words, if you can follow the joy. • In optimism you’ll go fast. •[…] Read More →

Helping others

“You can tell if you are helping others by the JOY that you feel” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach, CA 08/02/2014

Self opposition is keeping you from joy

“Self opposition is the only thing that keeps you from your joy.” Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

You ought to achieve anything you desire

“All of your power is in your ability to see things in a way that keeps you feeling good, and when you’re able to do that you ought to achieve anything that you desire” Abraham Hicks – Sara Book 3 – “A talking owl is worth a thousand words”

Selfishly seek your own joy

“Even when we are encouraging you to selfishly seek your own joy, we are actually saying to you: Your joy is the greatest gift that you can give to anyone. Because unless you are in your joy, you have nothing to give, anyway.”Abraham Hicks, 12/11/1999

You are eternal

“You are big. You are expansive. You are everlasting. You are eternal. You are never-ending. You are focused in this moment, but you are only as powerful — here is the key for you: You are only as powerful as you are joyful in the moment.”Abraham Hicks

Take charge of your placement in this Universe

“Take charge of your placement in this Universe by deciding that you want to feel GOOD and trusting that the Source within you KNOWS exactly what that means on all levels and that when you feel good everything’s taken care of.” Abraham Hicks, Cancun Land Cruise 03/30/2014

There is nothing that you cannot BE or DO or HAVE

“There is nothing that you cannot BE or DO or HAVE – but your dominant intent is to be JOYFUL – the doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.”Abraham Hicks