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Don't get in the way of happiness

“Earlier in their relationship Esther said to Jerry, “You make me so happy!” Jerry said, “That’s not my plan, my plan is NOT to get in the way of your happiness.” Abraham Hicks, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 04/02/14

JOY is your indication of alignment

“Since your feeling of JOY is your indication of your connection with your Source, once you have achieved JOY, you have achieved CONNECTION with your SOURCE. And under these circumstances, ALL that is GOOD follows.“ Abraham Hicks

Reach for happiness

“Your happiness is the most significant contribution that you could make. In your reaching for happiness, you are opening a vortex which makes you an avenue for the Well-being to flow through you. And anything that is your object of attention under those conditions, benefits by the infusion of your[…] Read More →

Play More. Do the Hokey Pokey

It goes like this: You are wonderful beings. You are blessed beings. You are deserving of Well-being. Well-being is on its way to you. Chill out and let it in. Play more. Do the Hokey Pokey. – Abraham-Hicks –

We love Abraham's humor

  Who joins me on a great laughing segment? Laughing is the unbounded expression of appreciation. Humor is Non-physical essence reflected through a physical being that is willing to be light enough to let it flow. Abraham – 9/19/92 [tube][/tube] [tube][/tube] [tube][/tube] [tube][/tube] [tube][/tube]

You cannot struggle to joy.

“You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.” Abraham

Stop listening to the peanut gallery

“We want you to lighten up and stop listening to the peanut gallery.” Abraham Hicks, 18 january 2014 – Live quotes, thank you Abraham Fun group

Having a joyful moment or not

¨We never cease to be and we never cease to expand, that´s not in question, the only thing in question is, in THIS moment of expansion, is THIS consciousness having a joyful moment or not. Because you ARE having an expansive moment, that never stops, but are you having a joyful moment?  that´s[…] Read More →