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Don't try to please any other humans

“Don’t try to please any other humans. Find alignment with your Source and watch what happens… Those who are dependent on your empathy will drift away…If you want to play with me, come for the fun, come for the love…” Abraham Hicks, London, UK, 09/20/2014


This is the thing that most don’t understand about this BUSINESS OF CREATION. The CONTRAST caused you to do the work. You DID the work You PUT it in the Vortex and Source is ON it. So now, all you have to do is to be in a place where[…] Read More →

Unconditional love

“Unconditional love is tuning yourself to a frequency that IS love and not needing any conditions in order to find that frequency.” Abraham Hicks, Denver CO 08/23/2014

Unconditional love

“Unconditional love means that while conditions exist that I have no control over, I have the ability to focus myself into alignment.”Abraham Hicks, San Diego, CA, 08/09/14

Do you want to feel love or hate?

“Do you want to feel love or hate? That is the only thing you need to ask yourself.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco CA 07/19/2014

You want to live love

“The reason that you want to be someone who lives unconditional love is because you want to LIVE LOVE and when you live conditional love, it KEEPS YOU FROM LOVE. The conditions that you’re placing out there are keeping you from the FEELING THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO HAVE IT.”Abraham[…] Read More →

We wouldn't be mad at anybody

“We wouldn’t be mad at anybody for a minute because it’s not worth it; not because it’ll kill them, not because it’ll kill you, but because it’s miserable in comparison with the LOVE that you could be feeling right here and now.”Abraham Hicks, Boston, MA 06/07/2014

There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped

“There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped if you start at the heart of it, which is emotional every time. There is not one of you who have a negative emotion that within 2 minutes or about, you couldn’t change to a positive emotion if you would let[…] Read More →

Fear is the indication of a big wobble

“If you are feeling fear that’s the indication that you have a big time wobble going on. You gotta find some way to release enough of the conditions that the fear can move to love, or the fear can move to eager, or the fear can move to appreciation or[…] Read More →


“You can change your beliefs. Your beliefs are only thoughts that you keep thinking. And you don’t have to continue to think unhelpful beliefs. Esther will say, “Well, that was unpleasant and unnecessary… unnecessary… unpleasant and unnecessary.” So what we’re really saying to you is: It is our powerful desire[…] Read More →