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Find the feeling

“When you take the time to find the feeling of it now you’re no longer preventing it from coming,” Abraham Hicks, Boston 10/11/2014

Take that new desire and play with it

“If you’re feeling unworthy, you can work day and night, night and day, every day, and yet not allow the very things that you want to flow, because your vibration is not allowing it, and the Universe cannot buck your current. How you’re feeling is everything. So if we were[…] Read More →

Vibrational currency

“There’s a Vibrational Currency that buys things — wrong word — but buys things that money can’t buy…far, far, far, far, far, far, far more things than money can buy.” Abraham Hicks

Not manifesting

“The only reason it is not manifesting is because you are aware it’s not manifesting!” Abraham Hicks, London, UK, 09/20/2014

Pleasure in the relief

We want you to not get so hung up on the manifestation, and start taking pleasure in the incremental relief. Pleasure in the fact that this feels a little better. Pleasure in the fact that you can actually, with your own will power and your own determination, choose a thought[…] Read More →

Faith is knowing that it will unfold in a wonderful way

“Faith is knowing that it will unfold in wonderful way even though you cannot see it from where you are standing.”Abraham Hicks, San Francisco, CA 07/19/2014

You ought to achieve anything you desire

“All of your power is in your ability to see things in a way that keeps you feeling good, and when you’re able to do that you ought to achieve anything that you desire” Abraham Hicks – Sara Book 3 – “A talking owl is worth a thousand words”

Rise to the frequency of your own creation

 “If you don’t RISE to the frequency of your own creation, you cannot REALIZE your own creation. Are you hearing this? You have launched so many creations, but you hold yourself apart from them. And why? Because you examine what is already manifested and what is already manifested doesn’t include the new stuff.[…] Read More →

Feel emotion when you speak

 “From our perspective, there is a very great difference between that which now exists—which you call your “reality’— and that which your reality really is.Even if you sit in a body that is not healthy or in a body that is not the size, shape, or vitality, that you choose;[…] Read More →

Emotion is a manifestation

“Emotion is a manifestation, a manifestation that is indicating that your frequency is where you wanted to be and if you could be pleased with that right HERE, right NOW. I have accomplished the manifestation of emotion, I haven’t accomplished the manifestation of the lottery yet, I haven’t accomplished the[…] Read More →