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Take that new desire and play with it

“If you’re feeling unworthy, you can work day and night, night and day, every day, and yet not allow the very things that you want to flow, because your vibration is not allowing it, and the Universe cannot buck your current. How you’re feeling is everything. So if we were[…] Read More →


In response to the guest’s question regarding this being the time of awakening: Does the “awakening” mean that more individuals will be blended beings? “The thing that will keep you from blending more than all other things is you noticing others who are not blending and believing somehow that they[…] Read More →

Get a different momentum going

“It doesn’t matter how far down the road you are in anything, you can always slow the momentum and get a different momentum going. That is always true. That is always true. That is always true.”Abraham Hicks, Boston MA 06/07/2014

You came to align with the energy

 “You can become more general, like the animals are, and that’s better than being all twirled up in condition that have got you all full of resistance, but that is not what you came for. You didn’t come to withdraw from the specifics of life; YOU CAME TO ALIGN WITH[…] Read More →

There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped

“There is never a momentum that cannot be stopped if you start at the heart of it, which is emotional every time. There is not one of you who have a negative emotion that within 2 minutes or about, you couldn’t change to a positive emotion if you would let[…] Read More →

There is no assertion

“What causes guardedness usually is the feeling that there is assertion, that someone outside of me can assert unwanted things into my experience”. But once you show yourself that you are attracting all of it…that’s why we recall years ago something wonderful happened and Esther said” I did that”, crowed[…] Read More →

Don't like that, here's some more…

FUNNY ANALOGY OF NOT GOOD VERY BAD DAY “Let’s say you’re a mother, you wake up in the morning You didn’t sleep very well last night because you went to bed late And you were doing extra laundry and so forth, you got it all fashioned together, And finally you[…] Read More →

You cannot be mad enough

¨You cannot be mad enough at something to make it go away¨ Abraham Hicks, Phoenix, AZ, 2/1/2014

It will not remain in your experience

¨It is our promise to you if any place, or any person, or any activity or any microcosm of anything doesn´t have the vibrational frequency that you have practiced, it will not remain in your experience¨ Abraham, Stamford, 9/28/13

The dominant vibration rules the moment

“Whoever’s vibration is dominant is the one that sort of rules the moment of co creation. When you have at your side with your Inner Being, when you are in concert with that kind of energy, you have control the like of which most people just don’t understand.” Abraham Hicks,[…] Read More →