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It doesn't matter how much things cost

Guest: My next question is about the price of gas in the United States. It’s at its highest point historically, and I’m wondering what those of us who are Conscious Deliberate Creators and are on the Leading Edge can do to find the positive aspects in that, to feel good[…] Read More →

Inspired spending

“Inspired spending opens the door for more things to come in”. Abraham Hicks, Long Beach, 02/15 2014

You earn vibrationally

“It is not possible to earn anything. It is all vibrational” Abraham Hicks [tube][/tube]

Getting all attached

“You all get in your BODIES, and you get all attached to your LIFE; you get attached to the OTHER PEOPLE; you get attached to your PROGRESS; you get attached to your ENLIGHTMENT. And then you say: “Oh, I banged around unenlightened all those years, and then I got enlightened.[…] Read More →

Financial fortune

“Most of you are much closer to a financial fortune than you are even allowing yourself to purely desire, because, in the thought that it might come, you right away begin thinking of how disappointed you will be if it does not come. And so, in your lackful thought, you[…] Read More →

Anything you are giving your attention to is an invitation to the essence of it

Anything you are giving your attention to is an invitation to the essence of it. Saying ‘I want money, but it will not come,’ is the same as saying, ‘come to me, absence of money, which I do not want.’ ~ Abraham Hicks

Money wants you!

¨You don’t have to work hard for money, Money wants you! Abundance wants you. You’ve been asking for it, the universe has been yielding it.¨ Abraham Hicks, 2/1/03

Attract abundance by leaving money out of the equation

Make peace with outrageous abundance. You are more likely to have a pure vibration and attract more abundance if you leave money out of the equation. But it isn’t because money is the “root of all evil.” It’s because it messes up your vibration, usually. ~ Abraham Hicks