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Receiving inspiration from transitioned relatives

Receiving inspiration from relatives transitioned into non-physical “When those (inspired) thoughts come to you, it’s not only because someone is thinking them and you are picking on them…that’s for sure happening, but the TIMING of it is really really important cause he’s presenting that thought to you in a precise[…] Read More →

You are representative of Source energy

“While you are in this physical body, you are representative of Source Energy. It’s not “dead” or “alive”, “non-physical” or “physical”, it’s ALWAYS Source and SOMETIMES it’s physical.” Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks – Explaining vibration

“Are you beginning to understand that what you are thinking and what you are feeling and what you are getting is always a vibrational match? As we visit with our physical friend and we talk about this Vibration Universe in which you are focused, sometimes especially in the beginning of[…] Read More →

Something that resonates

“When you choose something that resonates with that Nonphysical Tone, you feel elation, you feel joy, you feel passion, you feel enthusiasm, you feel clarity, you feel full, you feel good”Abraham Hicks

You are Leading Edge of the Universe

“You are physically focused beings who are Source Energy, instead of physically focused beings. You are the Leading Edge of the Universe and, in your physical bodies, you are beacons who will lead millions of others who want what you have, but don’t know what you know. You have no[…] Read More →

Enlist the help of non-physical energies

“If a person’s momentum is: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore If a person’s momentum is : somebody needs to do something about this and I don’t like the way it’s going and you lay over that momentum appreciation and wellbeing, can’t you see[…] Read More →

Will I know next time I'm born?

WILL I KNOW NEXT TIME I’M BORN? Q: Thank you for everything. When you become aware of the interrelationship of the Nonphysical you and the physical you in your lifetime, will you have an automatic awareness of this interrelationship in succeeding lifetime? A: Well, from your Broader Nonphysical Perspective, it[…] Read More →

You are not on your own

¨You are not on your own, You are NEVER on your own, You think you´re on your own, You´re NEVER on your own¨ Abraham Hicks, Orlando 1/11/14

You are so going to enjoy that feeling of laughter

“You are so going to enjoy that feeling of laughter that is your first impulse when you re- emerge into the non- physical and you realize how idiotically seriously you’ve been taking all this stuff. In that final recognition of the Wellbeing of you and the worthiness of you and[…] Read More →

Pretend that Niagara Falls is your source of supply

“Pretend that Niagara Falls is your source of supply. That all of your Well-being flows from that source. Pretend that that source is yours alone to utilize. As you stand there on the shore overlooking that awesome flow, you would not feel lack, for you would understand that in one[…] Read More →