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Abundance flows to you at all times

¨Abundance of wellness, abundance of Energy, abundance of enthusiasm, abundance of joy, abundance of all that is desired flows to you at all times—unless it is artificially disrupted or prevented.¨ Abraham—10/6/96

In the moment you ask it is given

“Do you know that in the moment you say, “I prefer” or “I like”or “I appreciate” or “I want” ANYTHING in that moment, the heavens literally part for you and the nonphysical energies in that instant begin orchestrating the manifestation of your desire, IN THAT INSTANT. Faster than you can[…] Read More →

Source is watching for those MOMENTS of less resistance

“Source is watching for those MOMENTS of less resistance. This is something NEW… We have not said this to ANYONE before ! We do not look out into your experience in a moment in time when you are all bolt up in resistance and take that as our moment to[…] Read More →