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Listen to the voice of Source

If you were listening to the hypnotic voice of your Source, you’d be constantly hearing the drum beating that says: “You are loved, and you are worthy, and you are valued and life is suppose to be good for you. You are worthy, you are valued, you are loved and[…] Read More →

Adding upliftment to this time and place

“It is important to understand that you do not have to physically get involved in order to allow the pure positive Energy that streams into this time and place. Every time you are silently appreciating, every time you are letting something in your physical realm be the object of attention and[…] Read More →

Feel the entire Universe flow-ing with your Desire

“Oh, friends, it is so exciting once you begin to feel the deliberateness of flow-ing energy. You think it’s fun to be strong enough that you can pick a lot of things up and move them around. WAIT UNTIL YOU CAN FEEL THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE FLOW-ING WITH YOUR DESIRE.” Abraham[…] Read More →

In the moment you ask it is given

“Do you know that in the moment you say, “I prefer” or “I like”or “I appreciate” or “I want” ANYTHING in that moment, the heavens literally part for you and the nonphysical energies in that instant begin orchestrating the manifestation of your desire, IN THAT INSTANT. Faster than you can[…] Read More →

Pretend that Niagara Falls is your source of supply

“Pretend that Niagara Falls is your source of supply. That all of your Well-being flows from that source. Pretend that that source is yours alone to utilize. As you stand there on the shore overlooking that awesome flow, you would not feel lack, for you would understand that in one[…] Read More →

Source is watching for those MOMENTS of less resistance

“Source is watching for those MOMENTS of less resistance. This is something NEW… We have not said this to ANYONE before ! We do not look out into your experience in a moment in time when you are all bolt up in resistance and take that as our moment to[…] Read More →

This nonphysical energy adores you

“We want you to feel the fullness of the presence of all this nonphysical energy who adores you and is with you all day every day, all day every day. You have more nonphysical cooperative components influencing impulses that you have than the whole bunch of physical humans you hang[…] Read More →

This Source Energy is your Source

This Source Energy is your Source. And when you, by virtue of what you’re choosing to focus upon in your physical environment, are in alignment with this Source you are at your very best. You feel your very best. You feel joy; you feel love; you feel eagerness; you feel[…] Read More →

That other part of you ADORES YOU

“That other part of you ADORES YOU, no matter what rule you think you’ve broken. That other part of you, that God Force within you, ADORES that which you are. And the sooner you get to that self-adoration, the sooner that you will break all of that loose and allow[…] Read More →

The Vortex is calling you

“The Vortex is calling you in a powerful way because it is the most powerful point of attraction that you have. It existed before you were born, and you’ve added to it ever since. The Well-Being of that Vortex is calling you and calling you and calling you and calling[…] Read More →