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Take credit for your own point of attraction

“Take credit for your own point of attraction. Don’t blame anyone for what’s happening to you, because nobody is doing anything to you, they’re just co-operative components.” Abraham Hicks



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How you create

“It is through your perspective that you create, it is through your perception, it is through your focus, it is through your attention… When you are pondering, when you are observing, when you are imagining, when you are remembering, when you are fantasizing, when you are visualizing… Whatever you are,[…] Read More →


Nobody outside of you can bestow power to you or withhold power from you. It is all your doing.”Abraham Hicks

We are all imperfect Beings, continuing to expand

“Something that we feel from so many of you in so many situations, is you are so quick to move into a feeling of self-doubt and self-blame. You are so willing to see yourself as imperfect because of something that you have done. And we want so much to say[…] Read More →

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You create your own reality

“We certainly understand how when you are standing in a place where things aren’t working out that well for you; you don’t want some bright shiny ghost saying to you: “You create your own reality, you know?” But, YOU DO!” Abraham Hicks

Life is what you flow energy towards

“Whatever it is that you give your attention to becomes your LIFE because your life is about what you FLOW ENERGY towards and how you let the energy flow.”~ Abraham Hicks ~