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Take the time to line up

“If you’ve got split energy about something, you’re not very powerful. But if you’ll take the time to line up with who you are, if you will follow your path of least resistance, if you’ll take to heart what that really means, if you will care about how you feel[…] Read More →

Is none of your business what anybody else is doing

“There’s this impossible thing that you do when you’re trying to figure out what you should do based upon what others are doing and the reason it doesn’t work is because, we love you so much, is none of your business what anybody else is doing. There’s no vibrational connection[…] Read More →

You can't get it wrong

“There are so many unimportant things that you all worry about that you just beat up on yourself over and over and over, unnecessarily, you see… When there’s no judgment from what matters, you can’t get it wrong. You can’t be by your standards inappropriate enough that Source is going[…] Read More →

Your opinion of you…

“The world is reflecting back to you exactly what your opinion of YOU is.” Abraham Hicks, Atlanta GA 11/08/2014

Nothing is worth any struggle

“Nothing is worth any struggle. If there is struggle involved, there is resistance involved.” Abraham Hicks, Atlanta GA 11/08/2014

You gotta fly high

“You gotta fly high, and let the Law of Attraction bring you the high fliers. You don’t want to try to micromanage, because if you try to do it, now you’ve got this: “May I please have your resume?” “My what?” “Your vibrational resume. Well just complete these questions, choose[…] Read More →

Trust the feeling more than words

“If you feel drawn to someone, but you are annoyed because you think that they are telling you some lies, try to look beyond the lies and try to focus upon the feeling. People offer all kinds of words for all kinds of different reasons. Most lies are offered to[…] Read More →

"Ask and it is given"

“When we say: “Ask and it is given”, we’re not making it up. It is. When you ask, it is given, but you’re the ones who have to tend to the manifestation of it, you have to make what’s been given a reality, which means you’ve got to find a[…] Read More →

Other vibrations

“It’s not your obligation to engage with other vibrations that violate the vibrational stance that you’ve got going” Abraham Hicks, Boston 10/11/2014

You don’t have to protect yourself

“You don’t have to protect yourself from anything! In fact, an attitude of protection will surely bring you to the vibration of the thing from which you’re protecting yourself. Because you can’t look at something and say, “Oh no, I’m saying a prayer to protect myself from you,” without achieving[…] Read More →