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Abraham Hicks – Explaining vibration

“Are you beginning to understand that what you are thinking and what you are feeling and what you are getting is always a vibrational match? As we visit with our physical friend and we talk about this Vibration Universe in which you are focused, sometimes especially in the beginning of[…] Read More →

Find conscious awareness

“We want to help you to find conscious awareness of what you are doing with your vibration. If you are consciously aware of how you are feeling, then you will have the opportunity (if you want to) of reaching for the thought that feels even better. And that is really[…] Read More →

The Universe is helping

“The Universe is helping every individual in the specifics of their life. And so, you don’t have to find vibrational alignment on behalf of the masses, because each focused Consciousness within the mass has connection to that same Source. You are equally tended to, equally cared for—and equally blessed.” Abraham[…] Read More →

You can’t be stuck

“You can’t be stuck. What could be happening is that you keep creating the same thing over and over so you think you’re stuck. But it’s not because you’re standing still; it’s because you keep looking at what-is and offering a vibration about what-is, and recreating more of what-is. So,[…] Read More →

You are vibrational beings

“You see, as physical humans, most of you have not understood that you are Vibrational Beings and that your only work is to align the Energy within you. Most of you are offering your vibration almost completely in response to what you are observing. And what you are observing is[…] Read More →

Creating a vibration that puts you in jeopardy

“Any time you are defensive or vulnerable, you are creating a vibration that puts you in jeopardy”Abraham Hicks, Long Beach CA 08/02/2014

The important nature of what vibrationally is

“If we could get you to feel that creative process then you will never have fear again ever in your life about any WHAT IS, because you will understand unequivocally the TEMPORARY NATURE OF WHAT IS, and THE IMPORTANT NATURE OF WHAT VIBRATIONALLY IS, WHAT VIBRATIONALLY IS, WHAT ENERGETICALLY IS.”Abraham[…] Read More →

Vibrational difference

“The vibrational difference between feeling hopeful and feeling fearful is the difference between getting well and not getting well. It’s the difference between holding this condition on and on and on, or letting it go.”Abraham Hicks

Find pleasure right here and now

“This alignment is so easy to accomplish, all you got to do is remember feeling good and focus on that just a little bit and in doing so the momentum of that will reactivate. And then off you go, because the path is so clear to Source, but you don’t want[…] Read More →

Mastery of vibration

“Every thought that has ever been thought, still exists. This is the time for MASTERY OF VIBRATION because there is more vibration in the mix than ever before. And so, when you, brilliant genius creators that you are, when you tune, when you understand that it is a vibrational Universe, and[…] Read More →