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You are the owner of all that you perceive

“You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can’t perceive apart from your vibration. FEEL your way, little by little, into a greater sense of abundance – by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.”Abraham Hicks

Worthiness is a practiced vibration

“Worthiness is a given, but when you UNDERSTAND IT and KNOW IT, it’s a practiced vibration. You are the one who assigns it to yourself or not. No one is showering it on you or withholding it from you. No one is preventing you from anything that you want.” Abraham[…] Read More →

Source gets behind you

“When Source gets behind you, and always IS, but when you become consciously AWARE of the Source that’s behind you, you become the invincible, joyful beings that you were born to be.” Abraham Hicks

Let it be a mood building experience

“The thing that gets in the way is so much awareness of what is, that what is dominates the vibration and keeps creating what is. So it requires a suspension of attention of what is and attention to desire in its purest form. And that’s why we encourage you to[…] Read More →

You MUST return to the Pure Positive Energy that is you

There are no wrong paths.No matter whether you choose the easy road or the bumpy road you always return to the Pure Positive Energy that you are. The only difference is, do you allow it to flow while you are still in this physical body or not? – Andrea Roman[…] Read More →

Abraham Hicks LiveStream Quotes from Sedona, AZ, 03/15/14

Thanks for Esmée La Fleur for all transcriptions of Sedona, AZ ”We wil never say something has gone wrong, you’re just not tending to your vibration”, Abraham Hicks, Sedona, AZ, 03/15/14 *** “Negative emotion is not a bad thing, it is a clarifying thing. Death is not a bad thing, it is[…] Read More →

You earn vibrationally

“It is not possible to earn anything. It is all vibrational” Abraham Hicks [tube][/tube]

Clarify your vibration

“You could clarify your vibration to the point that people would behave in the way you want them to” Abraham Hicks, Seattle, WA, 8/26/12

Be true to yourself

“When we say be true to yourself that is the ultimate honesty!! And what we mean by being True to Yourself is holding a thought NOW that is in vibration harmony with your True Self. Do you know that when a person has their first negative emotion, they are NOT being[…] Read More →

In the moment you ask it is given

“Do you know that in the moment you say, “I prefer” or “I like”or “I appreciate” or “I want” ANYTHING in that moment, the heavens literally part for you and the nonphysical energies in that instant begin orchestrating the manifestation of your desire, IN THAT INSTANT. Faster than you can[…] Read More →